Outdoor Living

Outdoor Luxury

We had the privilege of building this home last year, and have since been called back to remodel the existing patio. Our home owner's wanted an outdoor living space that would feel luxurious and also accommodate their large family of ten. As a result, this outdoor living space was created for several different purposes.

Fire Pit

Stamped Concrete

The multi-colored, stamped concrete of this patio blends in beautifully with the exterior colors of the home. With concrete accents throughout the interior, the back patio is a perfect complement to the home's already existing character. The spacious fire-pit area has been designed to accommodate eight adirondack chairs. and allows extra room for end tables. The main patio area has plenty of room for an additional table and chairs. To complete the concept, this versatile space overlooks a spacious and picturesque backyard.


Hot Tub

Another main function of the outdoor living area is the hot tub. Our architect client provided the design concepts for us to implement, and purchased a kit for us to install over the hot tub. This proved to be a challenge, as the kit of parts did not exactly match the architect's design. To avoid wasting these expensive kit parts, some adaptations were necessary. Our skilled project manager was able to modify the parts to accommodate the overall design request by our architect, and bring it together seamlessly. The result is a beautiful ramada that provides shade in the summer, shelter from the rain, and also minimizes snow on the hot tub cover, so the hot tub can be enjoyed by the homeowners year round.

Half Wall

Half walls were built to shield the appearance of the hot tub. These walls are finished in the same siding as the house and feature cast in place concrete countertops. These countertops repeat the idea of the concrete features that are within the home, bringing completion to the overall design concept. The copper roofing mimics the roof of the front entry of the home. A stairway was built to provide comfortable and easy access to the hot tub. In addition, it conceals the access panel, and can be removed to allow for serviceability.

Privacy Fence

One unique feature of this home is that the master bathroom has a door leading directly out to the back patio. This creates a need for privacy from the house next door. We built this privacy fence, which gives the homeowners a partially shaded sitting area to enjoy either before or after using the adjacent hot tub. Another advantage is that it is shaped perfectly to allow adequate space for a cabana bed. This space allows the home owners the ability to relax outdoors, while offering privacy during the transition from the master bedroom to the outdoor hot tub. The double sided fence is completely private from the next door neighbors and shaped perfectly to allow the space needed for their cabana bed. (not shown in photo)

Grilling Station

Finished in the same stone masonry as the remainder of the home, the grilling station also incorporates the cast in place concrete counter top. Once again, adapting an architect's drawing to work out in real life is a challenge. Our project manager and skilled team of masons were able to implement the architect owner's design concept perfectly.

We hope you enjoyed your tour of this outdoor living space. Are you looking to add some luxury to your outdoors? We would love to hear from you, and together, we can come up with a plan that has been designed for your life.

Custom grilling station with stone accent in Sun Prairie, WI by Degnan Design-Build-Remodel. Learn about how we created this work!

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This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 6/25/18.