Know that we have a tried and true process

With more than 35 years of experience, we know the importance of having a tried and true process.  Our process is important to us, and to you. It assures you that we do everything in our power to avoid any un-welcomed surprises  prior to getting started on your project, and it makes sure that you are informed and involved - after all, it's your home, and your journey is what matters.


The first phone consultation is about getting to know each other. Abe will ask questions - a lot of questions. He will ask you about your home, your family, your schedule, your budget. Years of experience has taught us that the more information we have at the beginning of a project, the better the end result.


After Abe has gathered the necessary information about your project, and we have decided that we are a fit for one another, it is time to meet face to face. This meeting might be at your home, or it may be in our office. Either place, one thing is certain - Abe will be asking you even more questions. But this time they will be about your dreams, your hopes, the uses of your space, and your future plans. He will go over your preliminary budget and make budget-appropriate suggestions. He will offer creative solutions, and most importantly, he will work to lay the foundation for a healthy working relationship.

Step 3 - DESIGN

Design time is exciting! You get to see your ideas drawn out. You get to measure and consider and move things around. Design time is time to let your dreams come out and play. Abe and Andrea  will keep your budget and any space restrictions in mind, so feel free to explore the possibilities as you discover multiple solutions for your home.

Step 4 - BIDDING

We already know what your budget is, so this is a matter of making sure we get comprehensive numbers from all parties involved in finalizing the plans. Sometimes this step feels long, but we want to make sure we have all of our answers back before we begin. The last thing we want is a surprise on the budget end of things. And we know the last thing you want is a change order for something you thought was included. We need you to be completely happy, so a little extra time in the bidding and planning phases is well worth it.


You tell us when you need us there, and we will be there - no excuses. This is the step in the process where you get to meet Anthony and PJ. Anthony is our dynamo Project Manager who will make sure to do everything to make the construction a flawless process. PJ is our dedicated Lead Carpenter who will work hard to make sure that you get a quality result. Together they will communicate with you through e-mail, phone calls, texting, electronic calendars, pictures - whatever you need. More than that, they will continue the practice of listening by being there when they say they will, and by respecting your home as if it were their own.


Hooray! You made it! That strange wall in your kitchen is gone, the world's ugliest flooring has disappeared, and you have the pleasure of coming home from work, every day, to a cleaned-up job site. You smile, knowing that every day your home is closer to what you envisioned - a home that is designed for your life.


Your home is as you dreamed it would be. There were no budget surprises. Any challenges were met with a smile and a can-do attitude. You pour your morning coffee, and start jotting that list of names, because you know what step 8 is?


That's right! You've worked hard on your home, and you are ready to show it to your friends, neighbors (who are already curious) and family. You would love to host a party, but just don't have the time to arrange the details. Go ahead and invite those friends, we will host, plan the details, order the food, and as a thank you to you, even pay for the party. 


Warranty...and even more listening. Our listening and award winning customer service does not end when we pack up our tools. We do more than just offer our 1 year warranty, by proactively seeking out any imperfections that may arise over time. At your six month and one year anniversary, you will receive a letter asking if there is anything that might need our attention. Then, to make doubly sure we have long term satisfaction, we go the extra distance by sending a final survey after your one year anniversary.