A Full Bath Renovation Hank’s Hollow Neighborhood, DeForest, WI

Kelly, our client came to us because of our reputation in the community. She lives near our office in DeForest, WI. Having owned the home for a number of years, the original style of the 1960s bathroom had grown tired and also had actual plumbing and structural problems from years of water leaking. It was in need of a bathroom renovation.

The house had only one full bathroom, so scheduling and efficiency were highly important for this job. Having successfully executed remodeling jobs like this before, we knew that by having all products on hand ahead of time and scheduling one extra trip with our plumber that we would be able to have the shower operational again within two nights. Our experience built confidence for Kelly, and of course, we successfully held up our end of the deal by ordering and scheduling everything appropriately.

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Bathroom Renovation Process

Despite the time restrictions, the bathroom design process went smoothly. Our designer picked out inspiration photos online and put together a mood board for our client. Kelly loved them so much that she chose them just from the online collection rather than going in person to select products at our partner showrooms. Kelly appreciated that with her busy work schedule, we made it easy for her.

With a bathroom renovation of a home of this age, the electrical code had changed. New circuits were run for outlets, and outlets had to be converted to GFCI for protection. To accomplish this a new sub-panel had to be installed in the basement. A quiet, constant operation bath fan by Panasonic was installed to keep the home healthy, smelling pleasant and feeling good. The bath fan removes residual humidity from towels that are drying throughout the day, in a way that an ordinary bath fan with the timer on it just cannot match. This helps the overall health of the house by maintaining proper humidity levels and makes the bathroom much more pleasant when you walk in after shower towels have been drying all day long. You won't be hit in the face by that musty humid smell and feeling!

The bathroom renovation included a design with a serene and chic feel to it. A soft gray wall color (Sherwin Williams Cystern for the walls and Pure White for the trim), an espresso vanity, and white top were chosen to provide contrast and to complement the blond Birchwood located elsewhere in this 1960s home. A luxurious AKDY Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel Tower showerhead system with a combination overhead rain shower, body spray, and a handheld shower all integrated into one easy to install unit. The result is a beautiful, economical solution that surpassed Kelly’s want of a rain-style showerhead and body sprays.

Kelly is so excited that she can't wait for friends to come over so she can brag about her new bathroom renovation. She joked about how she’s going to hold the next party right there in the bathroom.