Our Philosophy

Designed for your life means every detail fits. Kitchens, bathrooms, living, and storage spaces are functional, beautiful and efficient. Sun rooms are warm and inviting, and additions never look or feel like an afterthought.

Designed for your life also means designed for your budget. Truthful and accurate pricing, minimal change orders, and constant communication are hallmarks of Degnan Design Builders.

As a Design-Build company, we are uniquely qualified to help you plan your new home or your remodel. The Design-Build designation means you have a coordinated team working on your behalf, streamlining the entire project, from the planning phase, to construction, and through the warranty process. The team works for you to ensure the project stays on schedule, on budget, and with as little disruption to your lives as possible.

We accomplish this with our attention to detail and focus on communication—turning a potentially daunting task into an exciting transition. As our customer, you will be surrounded by knowledgeable contractors and armed with a schedule so you know exactly what to expect each day. You will come home to a safe place, cleaned of construction debris. Your process will be led by a project manager who actively encourages your involvement with face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, online calendars, and email.

Our customers enjoy unparalleled service throughout the building process and after. Contact us and watch our talented craftsmen turn your intelligent, elegant design into reality.

Great Customer Service

98% of our customers are likely to recommend our services to a friend. We worked hard for that number.

That means 98% of our customers agreed that they enjoyed our process, they felt safe with us in their homes, and they were satisfied with the quality of our work.

Please, take a look at our independent reviews with Guild Quality. You will also find that 100% of our customers are satisfied with our level of communication, and 100% felt we were professional and organized.

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The Design Build Process

STEP 1 | Listening

The first phone consultation is about getting to know each other. Abe will ask questions—a lot of questions. He will ask questions about your home, your family, your schedule, and your budget. Over 30 years of experience has taught us that the more information we have at the beginning of a project, the better the end result.

STEP 2 | More Listening

Abe will meet with you after he has gathered information about your project and has answered your first set of questions. This meeting might be at your home, or it might be at our office. Either place, one thing is certain—Abe will be asking you even more questions. But this time they will be about your dreams, your hopes, the uses of your space, and your future plans. He will go over your preliminary budget and make budget-appropriate suggestions. Most importantly, he will work to lay the foundation for a healthy working relationship.

If the project calls for design work, he may offer you a design agreement or a feasibility study. Of course, any design fees will be credited to the cost of construction.

STEP 3 | Design

Design time is exciting. You get to see your ideas drawn out. You get to measure and consider and move things around. Design time is time to let your dreams come out and play. Abe will keep your budget and any space restrictions in mind, so feel free to explore the possibilities.

STEP 4 | Bidding

We already know what your budget is, so this is a matter of making sure we get comprehensive numbers from all parties involved and finalizing the plans. Sometimes this step seems to take too long, but we want to make sure we have all of our answers back before we begin. The last thing we want is a surprise on the budget end of things. And we know the last thing you want is a change order for something you thought was included. We need you to be completely happy, so a little extra time in the bidding and planning phases is well worth it.

STEP 5 | Scheduling

You tell us when you need us there, and we will be there — no excuses. This is the step in the process where you get to meet Anthony. He is our dynamo Lead Carpenter and Project Manager, and he will make sure to do everything to make the construction a flawless process. Email, phone calls, texting, electronic calendars, pictures, a whiteboard on the job site—whatever you need—Anthony will provide it. More than that, he will continue the practice of listening by being there when he says he will and by respecting your home as if it were his.

STEP 6 | Construction

Yay! You made it. That strange wall in your kitchen is gone, the world’s ugliest flooring has disappeared, and you have the pleasure of coming home from work every day to a cleaned-up job site. The questions you left on the whiteboard have been answered and Anthony has left a few of his own. You pick up the marker and smile, knowing that every day your home is closer to what you envisioned.

STEP 7 | Done

Your home is as you dreamed it would be. There were no budget surprises. Any challenges were met with a smile and a can-do attitude. You pour your morning coffee and relax because you know what step 8 is.

STEP 8 | Warranty … and even more listening

Our listening and award-winning customer service does not end when we pack up our tools. We do more than just offer our 1 year warranty by proactively seeking out any imperfections that may arise over time. At your six month and one year anniversary, you will receive a letter asking if there is anything that might need our attention. Finally, and to make doubly sure we have long term satisfaction, we go the extra distance by sending a final survey after your one year anniversary.