West Madison Condominium Renovation

This Hawk's Reserve condominium in West Madison received a new semi-private home office, a screened porch modification, and a stairwell replacement. A reach-in closet was also built near the rear entrance for seasonal clothing. 

Before starting the project, approvals were needed from the Condominium Association, the City of Madison DPCED, Building Inspection and Zoning Departments as well as the City Alderperson. The building permit process for this project required an architect's stamp. This mind-boggling red tape meant that design and management cost for approvals exceeded the actual cost of the construction of the screened porch modification.

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Screen Porch

The porch was built by inserting a screen porch assembly inside of the existing framing eliminating the need to change condominiums exterior construction. Because this building is a multi-family condominium the door out from the screen porch required a landing. To accomplish this, a stairway was removed and a four ft landing was built. The stairway was then re-built that extends farther into the backyard.


Home Office 

To create the semi-private office for the homeowner, we used a large walk-in closet from the guest bedroom and a closet located in the foyer. The walk-in closet door was closed off and the office entrance was built where the foyer closet was located. frosted glass double door. The wall between the foyer closet and the walk-in closet was removed. The design goal was to provide enough space for a desk and a reading chair and one person. Coat hooks were installed for everyday jackets and shoes is in the adjacent laundry room. Having removed the guest bedroom walk-in closet, a small reach-in closet was built as a replacement.

Very pleased with their communication with us as they proceeded with the work while we were gone.
— Review Comment from P.G.B., Madison