A New Kitchen Floor Plan Makes This Small Kitchen Easy To Work In

With a cramped, peninsula kitchen, that lacked adequate storage space and room for two people to work, these homeowners were ready for some impressive upgrades. Over the years, they had been able to solve some minor cosmetic issues, but with new modern appliances, with doors that bumped into one another, were now ready for a brand new kitchen with an island. After the removal of a peninsula countertop, the hanging cabinets that blocked the view of the dining room, and old fashioned soffits, see what it looks like now!  

This kitchen remodel included removing soffits and bringing the cabinets up to the ceiling, upgrading from laminate countertops to quartz countertops, going to full overlay cabinet doors, and converting an existing pantry closet into a pantry with roll out trays.

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We changed a U shaped kitchen into a straight one with an island. There were some surprises, but we came up with solutions that did not run over budget and it came out beautifully.
— Review Comment from Bill W., DeForest

Kitchen Island Shelving

A unique feature of this island is the finished end, which mimics the look of the doors. In addition, the clients opted for doors on the opposite side of the island, rather than traditional seating, which provides additional storage space. The cabinetry in this kitchen remodel has full overlay cabinet doors and under cabinet xenon lighting.

I was satisfied with how they dealt with the vendors and how they kept the job site clean. It was clean every day. They finished in 3 weeks. That was amazing.
— Review Comment from Bill W., DeForest

Built-In Kitchen Pantry

An existing closet was turned into a small pantry, adding small appliance storage with pull-outs.

They exceeded our expectations in almost every way. I would recommend them for any remodeling project.
— Review Comment from Bill W., DeForest