A Problematic Porch Gets Rebuilt With Cedar Walls

  The remodel of this space was undertaken to provide the client's views of their beautiful large lot. Water damage and sagging rafters was another contributing factor in deciding to remodel. Rather than simply repairing the problem, the space was reimagined as a three season room with a more extensive footprint and a cathedral ceiling. These changes provided additional living space and created greater privacy between our clients home and the neighbors.

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A Distinctive Cathedral Ceiling

Because a full cathedral ceiling was not structurally feasible, ceiling joists were required. The ceiling joists were placed 8 feet off the ground. They provide a visual pattern and become part of the design and decor of the room.

Warm Cedar Walls

V-groove cedar covers the interior walls, and composite decking was used on both the porch floor and the deck to create a seamless transition. The porch was enlarged and extended 5-feet into the backyard.

A deck was built connecting the patio door to the new porch and a paver patio. We protected the natural light entering the basement through a pair of window wells using a transparent bridge seen below.

Everyone was great about taking off dirty / muddy shoes before entering the house. Clean up was done daily. Despite the cramped work space, tools were stored efficiently so there was walk space for us. We especially felt that Joe from Design Electric was efficient and courteous. Anthony and PJ were fabulous and very receptive to our many questions.
— Review Comment from Brian A, Madison