1990's Colonial Kitchen & Mudroom Remodel, Sun Prairie, Wis.

We first met our clients in 2014 when we were hired to remodel their outdated kitchen. We had a strict budget and in order to meet it, we redesigned the kitchen with minimal changes to the layout of the perimeter cabinets and the appliances stayed in almost their original locations to minimize plumbing and electrical cost. This freed up enough of the budget to make key functional improvements to the layout, including converting an awkward peninsula to an island.

We encountered several challenges in the original 1990s kitchen design. For example, the dishwasher was in the peninsula making it difficult to load and unload and making many of the cabinets unreachable. Modern conveniences like integrated trash and recycling bins were missing, and the raised counter on the peninsula made it hard to use the dinette table. The tall countertop was also problematic. It was not safe for the youngsters, and it was in the way.

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Kitchen Remodeling and Problem Solving

Our solution was to remove the peninsula in order to create the new island. However, the kitchen space was a little narrower than ideal. We creatively sized the island countertop in order to ensure adequate space for traffic flow and that there was no conflict between the refrigerator and the other areas of the kitchen.

By using a cabinet depth refrigerator we gained a little extra floor space. It was surrounded by pantry cabinets on the left and right, giving it a built-in look. We fitted the pantry cabinets with roll-out drawers to make access to items stored in the cabinets easy. We sized the cabinets so the refrigerator was centered at the ideal location to allow access from the island or the cooking area.

We shaped the island countertop to have an overhang on one end on most of the long backside, but it smoothly transitions to a narrower depth at the critical location. This allows three stools for the kids at the island, while still providing the necessary traffic circulation. It's size perfectly to provide plenty of space between the island and the often used dinette table.

A Functional Kitchen Layout and Craftsmanship

We placed the dishwasher in the traditional location to the right of the sink, making the upper cabinets (previously uncomfortably located over the peninsula) easily accessible. The trash and recycling bins were located so that it does not conflict with the dishwasher and both can be open at the same time making cleanup easier.

The ceiling has the original, beautiful swirled thin coat plaster finish. Our team of skilled craftsmen able to replicate it in order to reposition the lighting without having to replace the entire ceiling. The saved time and ensured that the project was delivered on budget. The team at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel planned, designed and executed this project on a short timeframe, having the clients’ beautiful new kitchen ready nearly a month before the family's Thanksgiving celebration!

From design through project completion, it was a true pleasure to work with Degnan Design-Build-Remodel. The design was amazing, from great concepts to phenomenal utilization of available space. Every single day we walk into our kitchen and say, “we love this kitchen”.
— Luke & Meghan

Mudroom Remodel

The mudroom, formerly comprised of a narrow hallway and closet, was remodeled into a more functional space. Before the remodel, shoes cluttered the floor, jackets hung upon hooks behind the door, and bifold closet doors obstructed the garage entrance. The new design has open storage with coat hooks, basket shelves for hats and mittens, and shoe storage below. The mudroom now has an easily accessible, organized wall with ample room for the family to get ready in comfort.

The redesign of the mudroom also included a change to the powder room. Previously, the powder room door opened directly to the kitchen and dinette area, without providing a hint of modesty. By relocating the door 90 degrees, it now opens into the mudroom hallway, providing privacy and reducing noise.