A Family Room Remodel for a Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Colonial

For our clients, the family room is the central gathering place to watch television and spend time together. The homeowners asked us to modernize the look and functionality of the space. This included an update to the fireplace surround and a redesign of the bookshelves. The problem with the shelves is that they were originally sized for CDs and DVDs rather than the electronics supporting today's flat-screen TVs. Originally built in the 1990s, they were constructed in the era of large, cathode ray tube TVs which set on a dedicated stand with shelving for a VCR or DVD player. We built the new cabinets to conceal the electronics and hide the necessary wires and cables that go to the TV.

Additionally, the open concept kitchen and dinette area have sightlines towards the fireplace , and the old woodwork no longer matched the updated kitchen cabinetry. This was the result of a 2014 kitchen remodel we undertook for our clients.

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A Modern Family Room Fireplace Remodel

Our solution brought a little bit of bungalow, or Craftsman inspiration to this typical Colonial home. Using the design features of the of the prior kitchen remodel, we seamlessly tie the aesthetic of the new fireplace into the house.

To update the surround, we retiled the surround with Icaria 12x24 field tile in Anticire and added a 2x2 mosaic accent. To tie the new surround together, we chose a tile from Icaria in Anticire, Vivid grout in French gray and used a Schluter Jolly Brushed Graphited edge trim. We then installed a new linear mantle to give the space a more modern aesthetic and tie in the newly designed side floating shelves. The room’s wiring was remodeled to work with today's flat screen technology and AV electronics.

The completed project adds an element of modern design that works together in this Colonial home. The finished fireplace not only adds the functionality needed by our clients, but it is also a new focal point in their home. The new look provides an aesthetic transformation in the heart of the home.