Learn Why The Barrier Free Shower Is A Bathroom Remodel Trend

A luxurious Barrier-Free Shower - Universal Design

Is The Curbless Barrier-Free Shower Here To Stay or a Passing Trend?

A growing trend in bathroom remodeling, the barrier-free shower offers homeowners a sophisticated, yet simple design that provides free accessibility. It is a flexible design that can be further enhanced through the use of tile, which combines versatility in décor with hygienic virtues like easy cleaning.

A barrier-free shower allows you to create a spa-like retreat, complete with incorporated built-in seating, inset shelves and niches, heated floors, low-profile linear drains and even steam showers. When barriers are removed a seamless look is achieved throughout the entire space. Large format tiles can extend from the floor, right into the shower, and without curbs or thresholds, you can express a streamlined contemporary aesthetic.

The Many Benefits of a Barrier-Free Shower

The barrier-free shower has grown in popularity and is being used more and more in bathroom renovations. The key lies in the drainage system. A linear shower drain offers benefits like easy cleaning, use of large format floor tiles and a “one-way” sloping drain.

A linear drain and fully-waterproofed bathroom floor allow this former bathtub to become a barrier-free shower.

A traditional shower has the drain in the center and sloped in four directions toward the drain. This type of installation is more expensive, more time consuming and can only be done with small floor tiles, limiting your design choices. A linear shower drain requires a single slope to work correctly, is easier to construct and takes much less effort to keep clean.

The drainage system and design flexibility are just two of the benefits of a barrier-free shower. It also offers other benefits, like:

It makes your bathroom look and feel bigger

When the floor flows seamlessly throughout the room, your bathroom will appear larger. This is a great solution for small spaces. The Americans with Disabilities Act minimum guidelines for a barrier-free shower space is 36-inches by 36-inches.

It is easier to clean and hygienic

Because a barrier-free shower has fewer surfaces, joints, and seams there are fewer places where mold, mildew, and grime can take hold. Even if you install a glass partition, cleaning is a much faster and easier process. Moreover, less time spent cleaning means more time to spend enjoying your indulgent bathroom rituals like that oatmeal avocado facial!

It keeps the water where it belongs... in the shower

The key to a barrier-free shower is the linear drainage system. It keeps the water in the shower, flowing in one direction. To allow for proper drainage, the floor is pitched towards the drain. Another factor to consider is the shower head placement. When done correctly, proper shower head placement and linear drainage means no shower curtain, glass or door is necessary.

It is flexible, meeting the needs of every family member, young or old

The barrier-free shower is a classic example of Universal Design. The concept behind Universal Design is the creation of products that are usable and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of age, size, or physical ability. With no threshold to climb over, a barrier-free shower is perfect for kids, and older people including those with mobility issues or use a wheelchair. If you're planning on aging in place, a barrier-free shower can keep you safer and in your home as you age.

It fits into any design style

While it seems like a barrier-free shower will only work in a modern or contemporary design style, the fact is this type of shower works with any design. There are shapes, sizes and colors in the barrier-free category that can blend into any style from traditional to contemporary, and anything in between.

See how we created a custom sliding shower door that operates like a barn door!

The Perfect Choice For Everyone

The fact is, whether you are a first-time homeowner, a family with young children, moving an elderly parent into your home, or planning on aging-in-place, everyone can benefit from the addition o a barrier-free shower.

The size, shape, and style of this user-friendly design is only limited by your creativity, available space, and budget. It will give your bathroom an open, airy feel and is the perfect way to create a wonderful spa-like oasis for relaxing in your home. Barrier-free showers can be as small as 3-feet by 3-feet, so they're a perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. Their design flexibility makes them ideal for any décor and when equipped with amenities like grab bars and bench seats are the perfect solution if you are considering aging-in-place.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, schedule a call with Degnan Design-Build-Remodel. Our expert designers can show you how adding a barrier-free shower to your bathroom remodel can provide benefits the whole family will enjoy.  

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 6/26/2018.

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