1970's Complete Makeover

A 1970’s Complete Makeover

This 1970’s home was in need of a complete remodel.

Outside, a deck, screen porch and carport structure were not only falling away from the house, but were also becoming a hindrance to our clients as they aged. 

Inside, an original u-shaped kitchen contained a peninsula which left people trapped inside. Cabinets hung down over the peninsula and separated the view and ability for people to communicate between the kitchen and adjoining dinette.

Downstairs, a dark guest bathroom with an unusable built-in red tile hot tub and patio doors needed a complete makeover.

The foyer was virtually non-existent.

Some Necessary Improvements

Garage & Improved Deck

In place of the carport, a new 2 car garage was built with additional storage for snowblowers and lawnmowers. Above the storage, a new deck provides both beauty and function.

Although there was a narrow deck originally, we enhanced this idea by creating a wider deck with a staircase that allowed access to the backyard.

The views of the beautiful surrounding wetlands were protected and maximized by the use of stainless steel cable railing.

Addition of Sunroom and Master Bathroom

The old screened porch was replaced with a beautiful sunroom over the garage. The interior of the sunroom is designed to provide amazing views of the outdoors, and let in as much natural light as possible. A sixteen foot wide patio door with transom windows above brings in the light, and yet is protected from excessive heat because of the oversized cantilever overhang of the upward sloping roof. A window at the end of the room provides additional views and sunlight as the sun makes its way around the West. In addition to the sunroom, a new master bath and walk-in closet (not shown) are also above the garage.

Foyer Expansion

We took the original wing walls of the home,extended them vertically to the ground, and added a small addition. This provided the space necessary to add additional foyer space, as well as a much needed entryway closet (not shown). Careful attention was also placed on the custom made railing to keep with the theme of modernism throughout the home.

Re-imagining the wing walls, rather than removing them, proved to be an aesthetically appealing and contemporary design solution for this home.

Downstairs Bathroom Upgrade

In place of the patio door, we installed a large window, which floods the bathroom with natural light, and overlooks the completely private and picturesque backyard view. Re-purposed wood taken from the bathroom walls now surrounds the new window and hot tub.

By removing a wall, more light was allowed to reach the farthest corners of the bathroom where the shower is located. A new shower with glass walls was installed to encourage the new light to travel even further. The shower was enlarged just enough to be luxurious without needing to relocate the toilet, which is hidden between the two walls.

New Chef’s Kitchen

We completely remodeled the u-shaped kitchen, removed the peninsula and upper cabinets, and installed a large linear island. A large triple window overlooks the backyard and can be enjoyed by the homeowner’s while standing at the sink, or cooking at the island stove top. In order to avoid making trips around the island, a prep sink was also included, allowing the cook to access everything they need, including newly installed pantry cabinets, wall oven, and refrigerator on one side of the kitchen, allowing all cooking to be done on one side of the island.

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