D.I.Y. is not Always the Best Choice


We stopped at the home improvement store and came upon a couple of DIYer’s who were trying to figure out how to get these home. They were more than willing to let us snap a picture.

We’ve all been there. You’ve planned ahead, calculated the costs, calculated the savings, and with enthusiasm decided to jump right in and conquer an entire project…by yourself. While enthusiasm is never wasted, it is important to realize that sometimes a project, as simple as it may seem, can bring unexpected challenges. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself the next time you feel ready to jump in feet…hopefully not head…first.


  1. Do you understand what you are doing? Projects bring unexpected challenges. Make sure you know enough about your project to recognize and tackle problems that are sure to arise.
  2. Are you sure how to use the necessary tools? The last thing that you need during a project that is probably already causing you stress, is to have your nose stuck in an instruction manual. Make sure that you will be able to manage your time efficiently.
  3. Have any knowledgeable people advised you to find a pro? How do your friends, colleagues, family, and any professionals you know feel about your attempts to DIY? You may be able to glean some wisdom from their advice.
  4. Do you have a limited amount of time? Consider the hours that this may take away from your regular job. Is the money you save in hired labor less than the money you’ll lose for your labor?
  5. Will it be obvious that you did it yourself? You know how it goes…you have spent hours researching and preparing. Countless hours laboring over your project. You stand back with satisfaction admiring the work of your own hands, and the first thing someone asks you, while they “discreetly” glance at the slightly crooked floor boards is, “Oh, did you do that yourself?”
  6. Does the project involve major electrical or plumbing work? There is no need for discussion here, electrical and plumbing mistakes can cost you and your family’s safety, in addition to draining your bank account.
  7. Is serious injury a possibility if something were to go wrong? Here is another very important reason to consider hiring a professional. Safety should never be compromised for the sake of potential savings.

If you want to research this further visit moneytalknews.com. And remember, if you choose to hire a professional who shares your enthusiasm, call us at anytime. Our designers would love to work with you to help bring your vision to life.