The Sump Pump Challenge

Installing a Sump Pump

The Sump Pump Challenge. Sometimes we run into things that need a bit of extra attention. And typically these challenges deal with things that can’t go wrong, because if they do, they could cause a lot of headache.

Anthony and Abe ran into one such problem.

Like most other homeowners in Wisconsin, these homeowners had a sump pump. But unlike most other homeowners, this sump pump ran non-stop, and in the winter there was always the risk of freezing.

We first added a battery back-up, because the only thing worse than worrying if your sump pump is going to keep up to the storm is knowing it won’t because the power is out. Then we dealt with one of the reasons for the large amount of water: the existing pipes were dumping the water right back down the foundation wall.

The homeowners wanted the problem resolved, but they didn’t want to see downspouts and they didn’t want to worry about freezing.

Sump Pumps

Here was our solution.

We buried the pipe at the house, while still allowing water to escape in case of a spring freeze/thaw cycle. And then we went to work on the aesthetic considerations.

We avoided the downspout by burying the pipe and creating a rubber outlet at the edge of the existing landscaping. We screened the pipe to keep the critters out, and the rubber material makes the pipe mower and weed-eater resistant for even the most enthusiastic of mowing companies.

Do you need a creative solution for an ongoing problem? Give us a call…we just might have the answer.