Why Be A Remodeling Carpenter for A Design-Build-Remodel Firm?

Why Would You Want A Career As A Remodeling Carpenter?

Being a carpenter is a rewarding career. Each day presents a new challenge that you get to solve for your clients. You have the advantage of seeing the end results of a project. Nothing beats using a set of skills to create something you're proud of and then handing it off to grateful clients who appreciate your effort.

As a remodeling carpenter, you get to see a project through from start to finish. You get to see how it was, you get to see it in progress, you get to finish it up, and you get to see the final results. Compare that to being a plumber or an electrician or heating contractor or a concrete guy or an excavator where you rarely see the finished job. Compare it to being on a framing crew, where you only see it at one phase. Compared to being a trim carpenter, where you only experience one part of the project.

The following are some of the reasons we love what we do and why being a remodeling carpenter is such a rewarding career. 

Working With Customers

Remodeling carpenters have the advantage of interacting with clients and homeowners. You get the reward of interacting with them, making a happy customer.

Using Problem Solving Skills

You get to solve problems. You're not doing the same thing day after day. You get to use your brain in your Ingenuity. You get to collaborate with all the other trade contractors as the job goes along.

Earning a Living While Learning

You can learn on the job without taking on college debt that you might never overcome. You're well paid; you get paid to learn and you get paid to work. You get to begin earning money from day one instead of suffering as a poor college student and struggling with college debt.

Remodeling is a Career That Grows With You

You have career advancement opportunity. If you want to be a craftsman your whole life, you can do that. If you want to become a project manager and focus your skills on how the project goes, you can do that. Does he want to move into sales? If you are a skilled Carpenter who knows all sorts of things about design, you can also shift into helping clients by helping sell the remodeling project to them! You can become a production manager and oversee multiple things going on at the same time. You can become a business owner yourself. You can get into design and architecture. The possibilities of related careers are endless, once you have the experience from actually being on the job sites and doing the work! It will educate you and make you better at all of these other things.

Mentoring and Learning As A Remodeling Carpenter

You can be a teacher. Do you love teaching? Do you love learning? You and your co-workers will be learning from each other and teach each other continually as you overcome the challenges of everyday remodeling work. When you have experience, you will be the one who gets to show the newest employees how to do their job. You get to be Innovative and use your Ingenuity to do things better than next time than you did them the last time.

Being Part Of A Team

You can be part of an award-winning team. Literally! There are all sorts of award programs for construction and remodeling. Get recognized! Work on cool projects. Do beautiful work. Be proud of what you accomplished every day.

Solve problems. The fact is that in certain parts of the construction industry there are a lot of things done wrong. Degnan Design-Build-Remodel is a company who gets called in to solve problems for homeowners. On any given day we are remodeling a poorly designed kitchen or bathroom, transforming a 1990s house into one that lives the way people want them to live today, or fixing a rotted wall where somebody did a poor job of flashing. As a remodeling carpenter, it's your job is to make sure this house lasts a hundred years into the future. Solve problems and have pride in what you've accomplished, every day! Help people.

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