What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile "LVT" and Can It Be Used In a Remodel?

Image courtesey of Cortec.

Image courtesey of Cortec.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring emulates high-end materials like hardwood and stone. 

It's an ideal flooring material for laundry rooms, walk-in pantries, utility rooms, wine cellars and more.

Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT, is quickly becoming a popular alternative to hardwood flooring and tile. Often confused with laminate flooring, LVT is a superior product, offering more durability and a more realistic look. For high-traffic areas or rooms where water on the floor is a consideration, LVT even has some benefits over natural materials.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Homeowners are opting for Luxury Vinyl Tile not only for the durability and authentic look, but also for the wide range shapes, styles and sizes available. 

Originally called "hot pressed tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile is made by fusing several layers together under high heat and pressure. These layers include a vinyl backing, vinyl core, a printed layer with a design of your choosing, and a protective layer that ensures the long-lasting look of the design. The type of protective layer and its thickness will determine the quality and overall durability of the tile.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

This remodeled bathroom integrates a LVT bathroom floor with ceramic tile shower walls.

Luxury Vinyl Tile offers homeowners the beauty of natural flooring products, with realistic looking textures and colors that not only have the look, but the feel of the real thing. For homeowners that want sophisticated and complicated patterns, like parquet or diagonal designs, LVT is an easier way to achieve that look.

LVT also offers a level of durability beyond natural materials. For high traffic areas, there is less wear than you'd find on a natural hardwood floor. For a mudroom or entryway, LVT makes for easier clean-up and is more resistant to damage. Bathrooms, kitchens and workrooms also benefit from waterproof LVT flooring.

Some homeowners even report that LVT is warmer under foot than tile or hardwood, providing extra warmth for those who live in colder climates. LVT is also compatible with underfloor heating systems, for an added touch of luxury.

Differences from Laminate

LVT is commonly mistaken for cheap laminate flooring that's earned a reputation for a lack of durability. While they might look similar on the showroom floor, laminate flooring is made with a composite wood core, whereas LVT has a more durable vinyl core that's waterproof and resistant to warping and buckling over time.

Beyond the durability and quality, LVT offers more options for achieving a high-quality, natural look and feel in your home that will last for years.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 2/14/2018.

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