How To Choose A Bathroom Vanity for a Master Suite

Consider the Following when Choosing a Master Suite Bathroom Vanity

Choosing a vanity for a master suite is about much more than deciding on one sink or two. Homeowners should also consider the materials, size, color and style of vanity that will make the bathroom remodel look complete.

Types of bathroom vanities

A wall-mounted floating master bathroom vanity with night lighting underneath.

Whether your taste is traditional or modern, knowing the different styles of bathroom vanities available will help you guide the design team toward the look and feel you want. 

Free standing -- This is the most common style of bathroom vanity found in homes today. It is typically a cabinet with legs or a base that rests on the floor. Under the sink, there are usually cabinets or drawers for storage.

Floating or Wall-Mounted -- This style is gaining popularity, especially in homes with a modern aesthetic. This type of vanity is attached to the wall, does not touch the floor yet still conceals the plumbing. While there is not as much storage available, it does save floor space and is less bulky.

Open-Space or Open-Shelve -- This type of bathroom vanity offers homeowners the best of two worlds. It can be seated on the floor or free standing, it has a cabinet concealing plumbing and offering storage, but also has open shelving to give the bathroom a clean, modern look. 

This free standing, furniture style powder room vanity has bun feet and integrates with wainscot design.

Vessel Sink -- This trendy bathroom vanity style is still a popular choice in many homes. Unlike traditional vanity tops where the sink is recessed into the counter top, a vessel sink vanity features a basin mounted on the counter top, or set slightly above the counter top. Homeowners have continued to choose this type of bathroom vanity for the wide range of colors and material types available, giving any bathroom a pop of color and its own unique style. 

Where will it go?

Will the bathroom vanity be along a large wall, next to the toilet, adjacent to the shower? Selecting the location of the vanity will determine the layout and flow of the bathroom, but will also help determine the size and style as well. Consider an area that has plenty of room around it, avoiding doors and allowing space for brushing teeth, drying hair and other bathroom tasks. Avoid placing the vanity too close to windows to allow for wall-mounted mirrors and lighting. If it's a tight space, consider a wall-mounted vanity that offers leg room and a spot to store a bathroom scale or stool for a little one. In a larger bathroom, feel free to select a sizable vanity that can provide ample space for a couple or family.

Bathroom vanity quality and materials

Wood is a common choice for a bathroom vanity, but in the humid environment of a bathroom, choosing a high-quality product will help stave off damage from long-term exposure to moisture. Wood should be properly sealed and lacquered, and wood veneers and laminates are good choices as well.

Stone is always a popular choice for a bathroom vanity top for its high-quality, durability and look. Difficulty in cleaning the vanity top is an often overlooked part of the selection process. Hard to reach areas or tile tops can take lots of time to clean and will look grungy after a few years of use. Flat and simple tops offer the easiest to clean option.

Vessel sinks can be many different shapes, materials and sizes. This one is copper.

Size and usable storage

Think about the bathroom in your home today. Are you always wanting for more counter space? Do you want more storage? Is the bathroom vanity too big and bulky? Considering how you use the bathroom you're in, as well as your wish list can help determine the size of the vanity that will best fit your needs. At a minimum, bathroom vanities should be 24 inches wide and are commonly between 30 and 40 inches for a single-sink top. Height is another factor. The standard is 32 inches, but vanities around 34 inches are often found in modern homes. 

For homeowners who prefer a bathroom to be a place where all items are out of sight, a vanity with ample storage is a must. Bathroom cleaning products, extra toilet paper, and items like brushes and hair dryers can all easily be accommodated in today's bathroom vanities. However, if open space is more of a concern, skimping on the storage is one way to keep the room feeling open.

Custom design

A bathroom redesign is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, so why not get exactly what you want? A custom bathroom vanity ensures you will have the look, materials, and size you are looking for. Your design-build remodeler can also include extras that make life easier, such as electrical outlets under the sink, specific storage needs, and unique configurations.

If you have questions about choosing a bathroom vanity for your remodel, contact us. We would be happy to help.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 6/25/18.

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