Tips On Designing The Perfect Master Suite Addition For Your Home

Planning and Building A Master Suite Addition

We often hear from families who are looking for a little extra room in their home and a common place to find it is building a master suite addition. After years of sharing a bathroom and jockeying for space in a shared closet, building a master suite addition is a good way to create a peaceful retreat, as well as adding significantly to the value of a home.

A clear vision for the master suite addition

Windows, lighting, color, furnishings… a well-planned project will come together to create the perfect feel for your master suite.

Before diving headfirst into a master suite addition, take some time to consider the various options available and create a vision for the end result. Also known as a master ensuite, this type of addition refers to a master bedroom adjoining a bathroom. It can include room for a king size bed, walk-in closets, built-in dressers, a Jacuzzi tub, a walk-in shower, a freestanding tub and other amenities. 

Having a vision will give you a clear template to take to your design team when you are ready to move forward. The team will then have a clearer picture of your desired end-product and can to discuss the logistics, costs, and feasibility of each item. The contractor and design team can provide information about zoning considerations such as space restrictions between houses, height restrictions, and historic district regulations.

Getting into the details

Your choice of window covering can also create the right level of privacy. Here, top-down shades allow view of sky, and the brightness and feel of large windows, while protecting privacy.

Building a master suite addition is a major undertaking. While large windows or soaking tubs might be on your list, each home is different and homeowners should consider a few items before heading to a contractor with their plans.

Privacy -- Is your neighborhood thickly settled or do you live in the country? Placing windows higher along the wall can provide the light you want with some added privacy. On the flip side, rural homes can opt for a range of options, from large windows to an outdoor shower. Privacy doesn't just mean shutting out the world outside your home. Creating a separate shower and toilet area is a popular option for busy couples.

Storage -- Don't limit your vision to just a bedroom and bathroom. Dressing rooms, walk-in closets, and computer nooks are popular elements to master suites. Consider built-in dressers, a charging station for electronics and other storage needs.

This outdoor space provides privacy to the master bathroom, and transition from the luxury patio just outside.

Keeping out the noise -- Noise can come from both inside and outside the home, whether it's rowdy teens or a busy street. Insulation and other noise reduction materials and methods can help preserve peace and quiet in the master suite.

Getting in and out -- If you've always dreamed of having your morning coffee outside in your bathrobe, why not include a small outdoor space in the master suite designs? Having an independent entrance opens up a wide range of options, including a secluded outdoor seating area, hot tub, outdoor shower, or improved accessibility for those who are aging-in-place.

Keeping it clean -- Sometimes when homeowners envision the bathroom of their dreams, they don't envision all it will take to clean it. A complicated floor-to-ceiling tile may be tougher to keep clean than simple subway tile within the shower. Discuss with your contractor and design team the long-term maintenance of stone vanity tops, carpeting, hardwood flooring and other items and evaluate how they fit into your lifestyle and long-term goals.

Build it for the long term

This shower is curbless and sized to be able to be accessed by the user of a wheel chair.

If you are planning to stay in your home for many years, or are looking to age-in-place, the design should incorporate "universal design," aimed at creating a space that meets the needs of a wide range of people, including those with limited mobility and disabilities. Walk-in showers, attractive grab-bars that match the decor and other elements can be thoughtfully added while maintaining the overall look you want.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 2/14/2018.

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