A Guide to Buying a Wine Refrigerator For A Kitchen Renovation

How To Buy a Wine Refrigerator For A Kitchen Renovation

For the homeowner who loves to entertain, for the couple who always shares a romantic glass in the evenings, and for the blossoming sommelier looking to invest in their passion, a wine refrigerator is a great choice for your kitchen remodel. These tasteful appliances protect the flavor, aroma, and integrity of your favorite wines, and come with a variety of features and price points. At Degnan, we've seen more and more homeowners opting to include wine refrigerators in their kitchen remodels, and as with any new amenity, knowing all your options is the best way to make the right choice for your kitchen. 

Choosing the Right Glass

No, we don’t mean the right wine glass! Glass-fronted wine fridges provide a glamorous peek at every red, white, and rosé, but when it comes to protecting your wine collection, not all glass is created equal.

Tempered glass comes standard on most wine refrigerators. Because it is stronger than standard glass, it provides much-needed protection for wine refrigerators located in high-traffic areas like the kitchen or bar.

Tinted glass protects wine from UV light, which can damage your wine labels and more importantly, distort and ruin the flavor of your wine itself. Choosing a wine refrigerator with tinted glass is a smart choice towards preserving your wine.

Double-paned/thermopane Glass is actually two panes of glass with air or gas sealed between them. Not only are thermopane glass doors stronger than single-pane, but they minimize condensation and frost, protecting your wine from harmful temperature fluctuations and ensuring your chiller is always crystal-clear. Thermopane glass which contains an argon seal provides the additional benefit of filtering UV rays, heat, and environmental elements that could potentially damage your wine.

Practical Considerations

Size is always a factor when choosing any new appliance. You must consider how many bottles you need to store, as well as how much space in your kitchen can be given over to a wine refrigerator. Luckily, many wine refrigerators are designed to be as slim as possible while maximizing interior storage. They come in both under-counter and free-standing models, and even fit in spaces designed for other out-dated or under-used appliances like trash compactors.

Safety locks must be considered in any home with children or teens, or where you may be concerned about burglary. Choosing a refrigerator with a factory-installed safety lock could save you both heartache and money in the long run.

Energy use is another place where you can think about how your wine refrigerator can work for you in the long run. Consider choosing a model with higher efficiency as well as controllable temperature settings to ensure that you will always be enjoying your glasses guilt-free.

A Wine Refrigerator For the True Sommelier

Multiple compartments with different temperature zones means that you can store more kinds of wine – the way it’s supposed to be stored. Most single compartment models utilize the sinking of cold air to create different storage zones. However, a multiple-compartment model means that you can always be sure you’re keeping the right bottle at the right temperature, with no risk of hot or cold spots that could ruin your wine.

Carbon filtration is featured on only a few select wine refrigerators, but it ensures top-of-the-line protection from any odors that could seep into your appliance and damage your most valuable wines. Each filter lasts 4-6 months before needing to be replaced.

Interior lighting ensures that you can always review your collection, but choosing the right kind of lighting for you is key. Standard bulbs are often too harsh on delicate wines, and also emit heat which can ultimately damage your wines. A wine refrigerator with softer, blue, LED lighting can provide long-term protection and superior illumination.

If you are thinking about remodeling or updating your kitchen, and considering adding a wine refrigerator, know that the right option exists for you. For any true wine-lover, a wine refrigerator is not just a classy appliance. It’s an investment in many rich and wonderful evenings to come.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 7/25/2018.

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