Why Fiber Cement Siding Is Ideal for Greater Madison's Climate

Fiber Cement Board is a Good Choice for Madison, WI Homeowners

Exterior siding is a huge part of the curb appeal of any house, but for Madison Wisconsin homeowners, it also serves the important function of insulating and protecting our homes from the brutal winter. When the icy winds start blowing off the lakes, we all want to know that our homes will be safe, protected, and warm. Yet many traditional siding options simply don’t hold up over time in cold climates.

Wood, brick, and mortar are all vulnerable to damage and distortion in the winter as moisture seeps into the material and repeatedly freezes and thaws, causing it to expand and contract. Even vinyl siding isn’t safe from the winter weather – UV rays reflecting off your neighbor’s winter window treatments can warp and even melt vinyl siding. If you’ve ever known someone who’s gotten a sunburn in the wintertime, or gotten one yourself, you know how damaging reflected sunlight can really be.

In truly severe cold weather conditions, all of these material types are vulnerable to cracking from extremely low temperatures, causing long-term issues for your home.

However, there is one siding option which has been shown to stand up to the test of both extreme cold and harsh weather in Wisconsin – fiber cement.

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement is a material made of sand, cement, and natural cellulose fibers which add strength and flexibility – all cured at extremely high temperatures through a process called autoclaving. A wood grain texture is printed onto the surface of the boards after they are cut to create a natural wood look.

Fiber cement siding comes in horizontal boards but also in vertical panels and even siding shingles which are perfect for Craftsmen and Cape Cod style homes. Fiber cement siding takes paint and stains very well making it extremely versatile regarding color and finish.

Why is fiber cement siding right for Madison homes?

One of the biggest advantages of fiber cement siding is that it’s durable and weather resistant. It can withstand rain, sleet, snow, wind, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and is also fire resistant. It is not susceptible to chipping, peeling, cracking, warping, fading, or insects such as termites that can destroy natural wood siding. It does not absorb water and moisture and is not damaged by the freeze-thaw cycle.

Additionally, it’s an extremely low maintenance siding. Its durability means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time each spring and fall searching for problem areas that will need repair before the seasons change. It requires no recurring, staining or sealing. Just clean with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove dirt and debris. Tougher grime like pollution residue or oil stains can easily be treated with an appropriate cleaner. Fiber cement siding fits directly over insulation and provides a durable, moisture-proof barrier that protects the home.

Although replacing the siding of your home is indeed an investment, choosing fiber cement is a great way to make sure that your investment lasts. Wood siding, with proper maintenance and care, will last about 20 years. Many manufacturers of fiber cement siding will guarantee their products for 50 years or more, with a warranty that can be transferred to the next owner.

For those looking for a durable, versatile option that looks great and will protect your home from even the worst winter weather, ask the design-build-remodeling team at Degnan about fiber cement siding.

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