A 1990's Bathroom Gets Spa-Like Renovation

Our clients were looking to update their 1990's mid-priced Parade home with a new master bathroom. It was important to incorporate a second sink and remove the dated angle. They requested the removal of an unused whirlpool tub, new tile shower, a second vanity sink, a makeup table and framed mirrors with stylish lighting fixtures. They also requested a neutral color scheme that felt serene.

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We had never done a major remodeling project before. We didn’t know the timeline or anything and they were very good explaining how it would work and explained why they were doing it as they were doing it.
— Review Comment from D. M. A., Middleton

A Unique Vanity Design With Makeup Counter

To create a second vanity and provide a makeup table, the tub was removed, and the rough-in plumbing was repurposed for the new vanity. This integrated nicely with a window that was already in place. Fiberglass module showers stick several inches out into the available space. Replacement of this unit with tile resulted in a larger shower.  A vessel sink in Vapour Green provides a unique, modern feel. The vessel sink also allowed for a lower vanity height, transitioning well to the makeup counter space. Most makeup counters need to be set lower than the adjacent vanity height to be utilized efficiently. This vanity runs seamlessly through.

Hybrid Vessel Sinks Highlight this Bathroom

The lavatory sinks are not the typically undermount, drop-in, or vessel sinks. They are a hybrid sink that looks like a vessel sink but is actually recessed partially into the countertop similar to a drop-in sink. The Vapour Green vessel sinks provide a contemporary look. The design of these hybrid vessel sinks allowed for a vanity height that transitioned into a makeup Counter without a change in elevation.

I was most satisfied that they were able to come up with a design that exceeded our expectations.
— Review Comment from D. M. A., Middleton