Remodeling? Dimensions for a Master Suite Walk In Closet Design

Walk-In Closet Dimensions For A Master Suite

A custom designed closet in your master suite is a great addition that will not only offer you lifestyle benefits; it can add to the value of your home when you sell. Whether you already have a space in need or organizing or are considering “borrowing” space from an adjoining room, or building a master suite addition on your home, the entire process can be made easier if you begin by first defining your needs.

Take a look at the items you'll need to store and the amenities you'd like to add like benches, full-length mirrors, and even an island if you have the space. Here are some guidelines for creating and designing your dream master suite walk-in closet!

Walk-In Closet Dimension Guidelines

Walk-In Closet Dimensions To Considered

Minimum Depth for Clothing:

  • 28” for overcoats and heavy jackets (30” is better)

  • 24” for suits, dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts (25” is better)

Rod Height:

  • 60 – 63” for street dresses

  • 38 – 42” for suits, blouses, shirts, pants, and skirts

  • 65 - 78” for formal floor-length gowns

  • 30 – 35” for children's clothing age 3-5

  • 38 – 45” for children's clothing age 6-12

Rod Length and Spacing:

  • Minimum 48” per person in the household

  • 3 – 4 1/2” for overcoats

  • 2 1/2” for men's suits and sport coats

  • 1 ½ – 2” for all other garments

Distance Between and Depth of Shelving:

  • Allow 3” between top clothing rod and lowest parcel shelf

  • 12 – 15” depth for lowest shelf

  • 12” depth for all shelves above lowest

  • Minimum of 8 – 9” clearance between shelves

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to closet size (see sidebar). It really depends on your needs, space available and budget. If you're converting a spare room, the standard width of a walk in ranges from about 5 feet to 12 feet or more. The five-foot width allows for a 36” hallway into the space after you hang and store clothing and items along one wall. Depth can vary from a minimum of 5 feet to 17 feet or more if it's a “bonus room” style walk-in closet.

Do you want a spacious walk-in closet like those features in the home magazines full of shelving, drawers, trays, and baskets everywhere? Walk-in closets are high on the list when it comes to homeowners remodeling projects. Two items to always consider when planning are:

Seating – Without some form of seating, like a bench, chair or window seat, putting on hose or shoes can be unnecessarily complicated!

Lighting – A window or skylight might not be available, but lighting is an essential element to consider. Natural light or bright lighting can help you to see thru colors when choosing your outfit. If you're planning on adding a dressing table for applying make-up, proper lighting is critical!

Where Will You Put Your Closet?

Location is important! While you can often turn unused or unusual spaces like your attic into a walk-in closet or dressing room, your first choice should be to keep it attached to your master. In fact, almost any unused space can be turned into a closet although a standard square or rectangular space is preferable.

An irregularly shaped walk-in closet can be a thing of beauty. A large window at the front of the house lights this closet, and because of it’s size a chandelier can be used. (Smaller closets cannot use lights with open bulbs due to the fire hazard.)

Ideally using an adjoining room to your master suite is the best choice. This gives you options like closing the doorway leading to the rest of the house and opening a wall in your master to use as an entry. Doing this is a relatively inexpensive project, and if you'd like to restore the bedroom before you sell, it's easily reversible.

Adding Amenities To Customize Your Space

This ADA-accessible walk-in closet is accessorized with pull-down hanging, so that certain items hung high are accessible from someone seated in a wheel chair. This feature can be valuable even for someone of short stature, as well.

As walk-in closets have gained favor with homeowners the choices in amenities, have exploded! Today anything you can envision is possible if you have the space and the budget. From televisions to a wine cooler, fireplaces and seating areas, these are just a few must-haves for your walk-in closet.


A well designed walk-in closet should have a hamper, or better still a multi-bag hamper built in. This is a great way to cut down on your laundry time. Merely separate whites, colors, and delicates for the laundry room. Make sure to put in hampers with removable bags or wheels for even more time savings.

Ironing Board

An in-wall ironing center with a swiveling, collapsible board that is height adjustable is a great must-have addition. Enclosing it in a cabinet keeps your dressing room looking clean and organized, and you can even store your iron (even a hot one!) spray fabric finish and other useful items.

Full-Length Mirror or Three-Sided Dressing Mirror

Create the perfect dressing room by adding mirrors. It's the ideal way to check your outfit before you leave for work or a night on the town. A three-sided dressing mirror is a classic and elegant addition that can give you a complete full-length view of your outfit.

Seating Area

Having a place to sit and put on your hose and shoes is a great addition. Some homeowners with larger areas even include a settee, or comfortable chair for reading, chatting, or relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine while getting dressed!

A Television, Music, Island, Fireplace Etc.

For many people adding a television to their walk-in closet is a welcome addition. Others choose to add music with surround sound. If you have the space, an island with drawers and a beautiful marble countertop is a great addition! If you have the creative vision, the space and the budget almost anything is possible! If you're creating a relaxing oasis to escape and get away while preparing for your day, customizing your walk-in closet is a great space to consider.

With a little planning, you can create a functional walk-in closet for your master bedroom suite, or even an elaborate relaxation retreat where getting dressed every morning can be a welcome treat! If you're planning on adding a master suite walk-in closet to your next remodeling project speak with our designers at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel. They can give you information on the most cost-effective way to approach your project as well as information on the latest amenities and technology available!

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 6/25/2018.

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