Remodeling? Fantastic Bathroom Layout and Design Features

Design That Will Maximise The Feel Of Your Bathroom Layout

In the past, the bathroom was designed purely for function. Today, the trend is towards creating a bathroom layout that's not only functional but also are a place in the home where you can relax in private and recharge your batteries after a long day. Large multi-head showers, soaking tubs, and heated towel racks can turn this most practical room in the home into a spa-like retreat where you can go with a glass of wine, your favorite book and have some alone time.

A good bathroom layout and well thought out spatial planning will help you to make the most practical use of the space you have. Today, some manufacturers are offering online 3D modeling tools, but the best option is still working with a qualified professional designer to create best a bathroom that meets your needs for both aesthetic form and function.

Any bathroom layout must start with function. Typically, the bathroom is a place where a great deal of functionality is packed into a small footprint. With a washbasin, vanity, toilet, bathtub, shower storage and more, careful planning must happen in order to ensure complete functionality. You need to be able to move throughout the room comfortably between the various areas. Without bumping into your partner in the morning.

Today, buyers are looking for an updated bathroom layout that features space, light, clean lines, and ventilation.

Bathroom Windows

Natural light fills this beautiful remodeled bathroom.

Light and Ventilation

A well-ventilated bathroom full of light is a pleasure to use. Windows and skylights that can open are a great way to provide both. But if privacy or building codes prohibit these, make sure you invest in an efficient system for ventilation.Test any system before you buy. There's nothing worse than a noisy exhaust. You can also talk with your designer, contractor or electrician about the best products available.

Lighting plays a big role in functionality, as well as the overall look of your bathroom. Recessed spot lighting can be a beautiful addition as opposed to a single overhead fixture. The days of harsh fluorescent lighting are well behind us! Around the vanity, sconces with warm, soft, diffused lighting can give you a natural glow when applying makeup or when you are getting ready in the morning. Remember to avoid intense task lighting around the mirror; it's a bad way to start the day.

Bathroom Layout Ideas: Maximizing Space and Storage

A Large Vanity with Storage

Visible in the mirror, a decorative recessed niche provides linen storage, while vanity top cabinets frame the mirror.

If your home has a single bathroom, try to keep the bath and shower separate. Many homeowners today simply remove the tub and go with just a large shower. If you're considering this choice, think about the future. If you're growing your family, a bathtub is a prominent fixture. If you're ever planning on selling, having just a shower can affect your ability to sell. Consider family or friends who might visit, especially those with small children who bathe rather than shower. 

If you have the luxury of a lot of space for your bathroom, a stand-alone soaking tub is a great choice. Today, tubs are available in all types of sculptural shapes and sizes. A beautiful bathtub or spa can add value when it comes time to sell, but again it depends on the buyer. Not everyone appreciates a large soaking tub.

If space is an issue, consider adding wall cavities to give the appearance of a larger space. Speak with your designer about adding recessed vanity cabinets, medicine cabinets, shower shelves and the toilet cistern into the wall. This can provide a little extra space, but give the impression of a much larger room.

Another trick that can give the illusion of additional space is a floating vanity. The open space below can make the room feel considerably larger, and as a bonus, it makes the space easier to clean.

The Style Of Your Bathroom Layout

Color Determines the Feel

Bold? Serene? Warm? Calming? The color of paint, tile and flooring will determine the feel of the bathroom. Which suites your personal need?

Color is a useful design tool, even with a monochrome approach. If incorporating tile, keep in mind that darker colors can offer a luxurious look, but will make the room seem smaller. If you're creating your dream bathroom, let your creative vision run wild. Decide what styles you like, build a reference file of photos from decorator magazines, and online social media like Houzz and Instagram. You can use these resources to convey your vision to your designer or contractor when the time is right.

If you're updating the bathroom to prep your house for sale, take a strategic approach. Keep your design simple and traditional. Use neutral colors and leave room for the new owners to customize the space to meet their style. Think minimalistic, clean lines and plenty of light. This look is what today's homeowners are seeking.

The bottom line is that when remodeling your bathroom, your direction will depend on your needs and goals. If you've got grown kids and are planning on aging in place, it might make sense to dump the tub and install a sizeable threshold-free shower. If you're planning on selling soon, keep it simple and clean. Let your needs, your space, your budget, and your designer be your guide!

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 1/28/19.

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