Personalizing Your Home

In this story, our homeowners knew what wasn't working about their home, and had some great ideas for improvements. Although this home was already beautiful in many ways, there were certain areas that offered no intrigue or visual appeal. 

A More Dramatic Entrance

The entrance was one of them. Our homeowners, a new blended family, wanted an entrance that would give a lasting first impression of what and even who was inside the home. 


They chose a beautiful wood door with eleven glass window panels and side lights, leaving a dramatic and modern first impression for their visitors. Already a drastic improvement.

Dining Room Lighting

Another simple solution that our homeowners knew they wanted was an update to the dining room and kitchen lighting. The original dining room lighting was nothing out of the ordinary, just a typical chandelier of the 90's. Our homeowners wanted  a statement piece! They chose an architectural masterpiece for their dining room, which also doubles as artwork.

Kitchen Lighting

More improvements were made in the kitchen. Where once hung cobalt blue pendants that seemed to overwhelm the kitchen with their intensity, we now have delicate clear glass globes. The globes offer understated and modern elegance to this beautiful room.

Being hung in a cluster above the table, they serve the purpose of maximizing views out the back patio door. They also bring a feeling of movement to the space which is an important element of design.

Bathroom Updates

Double Vanity

Our clients needed a solution. There was no way that the downstairs bathroom would be sufficient enough for three teenage girls to share. We remodeled the bathroom, installing custom cabinetry and an additional sink.

As glam was the theme for these three teenagers, a Cambria Quartz countertop was specifically chosen for its diamond like sparkles. Another unique characteristic of this bathroom remodel is the custom cabinetry. The left and the right are actually doors, but have been designed to look like drawers to add interest and to keep with the horizontal theme.

Dressing Room Ideas

Although the bathroom remodel resolved some of the space issues, there still was not enough room for three girls to get ready, and do their hair and makeup before school. Fortunately, these homeowners had a large, under-utilized closet, which simply held some exercise equipment and a few odds and ends, but served no real purpose. It just happened to be located right down the hall from the new bathroom. What a perfect place for the girls to get ready!

Bi-Fold Door Replacement

One of the first improvements we needed to make to this closet was to upgrade the entrance, these standard bi-fold doors would not make the cut for such a spectacular room! In its place, we installed a beautiful, custom barn door, which was flawlessly designed by our supplier. This custom sized door is actually two doors seamlessly joined together.

Now, let's take a peek at what is behind these doors...

Dressing Room Glamour

There you have it! A "glam" room. What a perfect solution for three teenage girls to get ready in the morning, and feel special in the process. This room has been designed with the same theme as the bathroom down the hall. The same Cambria quartz countertops were installed, as well as custom cabinetry. The mirrors that you see are actually dimmer mirrors, each having an outlet on one side and a dimmer switch on the other. The drawers were carefully planned, as each girl has their own drawer for hair dryers and curling irons, as well as an outlet - included in the drawer! No counter top clutter in this room.

Its all in the details, from the chandelier on the ceiling...

to the full length mirror behind the barn door.

These homeowners, and their family are excited about the changes to their home! What can you dream up? We would love to hear from you, and together, create a plan that has been designed for your life.

Do you have a typical ranch home, but you dream of something more? See how we took this home in a contemporary direction. We replaced the front door with a Jeld Wen modern door in knotty alder with horizontal glass. Lighting was updated in the kitchen and dining and foyer.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 6/22/2018.