Screen Porch to Sunroom

From Screen Porch to Sunroom

The Plan

Thirteen years ago, we had the privilege of building this home, and are thrilled to be called back by the second owners. Although the original owners had requested a screen porch, the new owners feel that a sunroom would be more adequate to meet their needs. Their exciting renovation will include a screen porch conversion into a four-season sunroom, complete with heat and air conditioning, as well as additional storage space underneath. Through this remodel, they will have an indoor four-season room that is more suited to their lifestyle, and added space to store lawn mowers, snow removal equipment, and gardening equipment. 

Here is a look at the plans for the new space.

Getting Started

We began by tearing off the existing screen porch and deck. This is what the home looked like, before we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

After Demolition…

Excavating for the Garage

In the image below, a hole is being excavated by Benninger Concrete , which will be deep enough to become the foundation for the new garage storage space. 

Forming the Concrete

After the ground has been excavated deeply enough, it is time to lay the foundation for the walls and flooring of the garage. In this image, you can see that the concrete forms are in place for the cement to be poured.

Laying the Foundation

Things are moving right along. In the image below, the concrete has been poured, and it won’t be long before we start working on the flooring system for the new sunroom.

Adding the Flooring System

We now have the flooring system in place, and the garage is beginning to take shape. It won’t be long before the windows are installed.


Installing the Windows

In this image, huge Andersen windows by Wisconsin Building Supply are being installed. What was once a screen porch is now beginning to resemble a sunroom.

Waterproof Barrier

Although most decks are designed to allow rain to pass through the floorboards, this remodel required a unique solution in order to protect the garage underneath from water damage. This image provides a peek at what is underneath the decking floorboards – a protective waterproof barrier that slopes gently towards the outside of the deck so any rain can drain out underneath the overhang.

The windows are installed, the doors are in, and the floorboards are almost complete.

Installing Deck Boards

Here is a closer look at the deck which is close to being completely finished. From the outside it may seem like progress is slowing down, but actually the inside is being updated with a new heating and cooling system.

Blown Cellulose Insulation

Another important part of energy efficient heating and cooling is how a room is insulated. In the pics below, we can see that Rainbow Insulators is in the process of insulating this sunroom. Look at how the sun comes through those windows, the finished room is going to be beautiful!

Installing Drywall

Immediately after the insulation was installed, dry wallers from Statz & Sons LLC came and began to put up drywall. It is amazing how quickly this process is completed.

…and here is the finished sunroom.

And here is a much closer look at the new garage storage space.

Next, we will show you some interior shots.

Below, a view from the living room.

And here is a view from the master bedroom.

What was once an unused screen porch, has now become a beautiful new sunroom and main feature of the home.

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