Mudroom Design in Madison | What Type of Flooring is Best?

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Learn the best flooring options when designing your mudroom

Know Your Mudroom Budget

Living in Madison means mud will be tracked into your home in the springtime and snow in the winter. It's just a fact. A mudroom is a perfect space to keep all those water-soaked clothes and shoes when the Mother Nature is unforgiving. Flooring in your mudroom takes more abuse than any other floor in your home. It's a wet environment with an entrance to the outside world that has to withstand the abuse of all that gets tracked into your home. So, what type of flooring is best for a mudroom? Well, that depends on what your budget is. Redesigning part of the home can be difficult for homeowners with a smaller budget. You may think you need to compromise on design for the quality of the product. Not true. With smart choices, you can still get that high-priced look for less. Learn the best options when designing your mudroom. Here we will look at five types of materials for mudroom flooring options, 

Solid Wood

Solid hardwood flooring is a timeless look that will never be going out of style. When properly maintained, solid wood floors can last a lifetime even in a mudroom, though it is recommended that you use a throw rug and wipe up puddles during the worst seasons. Substantial abuse and a lack of maintenance will cause scratches and discoloration that may require sanding and a new coat of polyurethane to make the floor look like new. Wood looks great no matter what the style of your home. There are a variety of wood species available for flooring as well as installation patterns like parquet and inlaid designs. Mixing maple or oak with mahogany edging can give a home hum mudroom an elegant look; not all wood flooring has to be the traditional 2" planks so commonly used. Wood floors bring a sense of warmth and charm to a mudroom and are comfortable to walk on. Solid wood floors are a classic that with the proper care and the use of an exterior welcome mat, will last "forever".

Natural Stone

One of the best and most expensive mudroom flooring options are natural stone products like slate, travertine, and marble. A classic choice, these natural stone tiles resist cracking, splitting and staining if it is sealed correctly. Because it is natural, it will look great in any home for decades to come. It even transmits and retains heat, so be sure to install radiant heating if you can; otherwise, you might need to add a rug in the winter. 

If you're choosing stone, you need to get it properly installed and finished. That's where we come in. You do not want to end up with jagged and uneven points that can act as tripping hazards, or have dirt particles stuck in grout lines. While it's the least common material used by our clients, natural stone floors will definitely add elegance to your home and give your mudroom an upgraded, high-end appearance. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a durable mudroom flooring that feels softer and warmer under foot than ceramic tile.

No, this name is not a contradiction. Luxury vinyl tile is versatile and inexpensive and it comes in thousands different colors and styles. LVT can resemble wood, stone or tile and with premium product, the look often does a great job of matching the appearance of the real thing. LVT can be installed with or without grout, and feels slightly warmer and softer underfoot than stone or tile. LVT excels at withstanding harsh environments like a mudroom. With its high durability, this product won't scuff making it an excellent choice for growing families and pet-friendly homes in high foot-traffic areas. As a bonus, it's easy to clean and maintain.

LVT is a stylish easily maintained flooring material that is ideal for use in a less obvious area of your home. If natural stone tile or hardwood flooring is not in your price range, speak with your designer about luxury vinyl tile and ask for samples.  For a mudroom application, choose an LVT with a clear vinyl "wear layer" and a backing system. Look for a wear layer thickness 20 mils. This will be found in most higher grade products. Better brands of LVT often have an extra vapor barrier on the bottom to protect your mudroom sub-floor against moisture.  

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooring is perfect for a mudroom especially if you have radiant heat below. It transfers heat very efficiently.

A ceramic floor tile is an excellent option for a mudroom. It comes in millions of size, color, shape, pattern and even texture options. It is durable has a long lifespan and is less expensive and requires less maintenance than natural stone tile. Water, dirt and the abuse from pets will not destroy ceramic tile.  Clean-up can be accomplished with a wet mop, vacuum or broom. Depending on the size of your mudroom, we find that 12'x12" squares are ideal because of a smaller number of grout lines. 

Sheet Vinyl and Linoleum

Sheet vinyl and Linoleum might be used as generic interchangeable terms, but they are very different. Linoleum is a natural material using linseed oil as one of its main components, and tends to have a very uniform pattern or contemporary, geometric pattern as its stile. Sheet vinyl floor typically tries to imitate the look of other materials, commonly tile, but is a completely man-made product. Vinyl can be cheap or premium, while Linoleum is a premium product. 

Which Mudroom Flooring Is Best?

Well, it all depends on your home design, the amount of maintenance you're willing to do and how much you're willing to invest in your entryway. Our design team of professionals who can help you find the perfect mudroom flooring materials for your remodeling project.  If you can't, a laminate can still look high-end and give your home the durability and style it deserves. 

If you want to know more about redesigning a room in your home, contact the design team Degnan Design Build Remodel and see how they can redesign your new mudroom! Looking for some ideas? Take a look at this photo album.

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