Cutting Edge Flooring Trends For Home Renovation

New flooring trends show off high-end design, a timeless look, durable finish and long lasting wear.

Today, thanks to technological advances, homeowners have more exciting choices for improving their homes than ever before. From low VOC paints to shower systems that give you a light show and music as you prepare for your day if you have the vision and the budget, products are available to transform your home into your dream living space.

Flooring is another material that is being transformed by technology. Today porcelain tiles are available that offer the realistic look of hardwoods, but with much less maintenance required. Even vinyl flooring has been reborn as “luxury vinyl tile” (or LVT) and now mimics other materials like hardwoods or porcelain but at a more affordable price point.

Today, homeowners are not only buying flooring for its great look, but flooring trends among homeowners are also focusing on durability and sustainability as we all become more aware of ways we can lower our environmental impact.

The International Surface Event held in January, 2017 in Las Vegas brought together industry leaders and examined the most popular current trends in residential flooring. Here are three of the hottest flooring trends to watch for in the coming year and beyond.

1. Hardwood Floors are Hot, and Gray is Still King!

Hardwood flooring and similar wood-like floors in porcelain and LVT are a classic choice and thanks to new manufacturing methods, are gaining in popularity! The primary choice for many homeowners is gray-toned wide planks without a thick sheen, more of a natural finish. However, “green” more environmentally friendly flooring is gaining steam.

As the trend toward sustainable materials continues to grow, demand for natural wood products will continue to shift towards locally-sourced products as well as green alternatives like bamboo and cork. If you're in the remodeling business, consider how you can use recycled materials like those from past remodels, or other repurposed sources like reclaimed barn wood.

Lighter, softer wood species work well with the design trends toward more natural and bold colors in interior design. With the trend moving toward more vibrant colors, flooring that contrasts between light and dark colors are a growing trend. Neutral gray is a top selection with homeowners this year, and hardwood flooring is, and will always be a classic choice!

2. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Is A Hit With Homeowners!

LVT is following the trend of greener, more durable materials and it's the fastest growing trend in home flooring for the past two years running. Photo technology has allowed manufacturers to product LVT that is nearly indistinguishable from natural wood. Luxury vinyl comes in plank or tile form, but plank is the most popular choice. LVT plank flooring is water and moisture resistant and is glued in place making it durable. It's also a low maintenance, fiberglass reinforced, anti static, product that provides a beautiful natural look. Best of all, it's an affordable option.

The main drawback is that it can be punctured with sharp objects and not biodegradable. Also once it is glued down, it may be tough to remove if you change your mind later.

3. Stone Flooring is Timeless, Natural and Extremely Durable!

Stone has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from the temples of Ancient Greece to the Chrysler Building in New York. Today, natural stone remains one of the top choices for homeowners thanks to its low maintenance, timeless style, sense of luxury, ease of customization and durability.

Stone is the top choice in kitchen remodels, and in fact, clients who add stone to their home remodeling project can expect as much as a 7% in a home's value. Natural stone comes in a wide variety of species, colors, patterns, and textures. The most popular choices include:

Granite – best used in the kitchen and bathroom, granite is extremely durable. It should be resealed every 18 months to two years

Soapstone – primarily used as tiles in the bathroom, it's especially well suited for colder climates.

Limestone – Keep away from the shower, but limestone offers tremendous diversity in color and is perfect in a more contemporary décor.

Marble – Classic, timeless, and aesthetically beautiful, marble is best used in low traffic areas and must be resealed every one to two years.

Slate – Non-slip, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, slate flooring is an excellent choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Larger areas should use slabs and slate is both naturally stain and fire resistant.

Travertine – Although it's porous and not for use in the shower, travertine can add a soft classic and contemporary look to smaller areas of your home, like entryways, where it can add a sense of space.

Timeless Flooring Trends for 2017

While wood, natural stone and more recently LVT are all popular, the real flooring trends or remodeling trends in general homeowners are moving towards is durability and sustainable materials. While homeowners are always going to look for materials that offer beauty, today they are also seeking materials that stand the test of time, resist scrapes, moisture, and everyday wear, and tear. Hardwood, LVT, and stone offer unique pros and cons that homeowners will need to navigate. As always, our blog articles are here to help you with remodeling decision but if you need an answer to your question, please contact us. The bottom line is that sustainability, durability and aesthetic beauty, including hardwood, LVT or natural stone in your next remodeling project is an excellent choice that will offer you years of low maintenance service.

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