Planning a Low Maintenance Easy To Clean Bathroom Design

How To Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom Design

The bathroom is typically the first room people go to when they wake up and one of the last they leave before heading to bed. People spend hours of their lives in the bathroom including the time it takes to clean it.

When people think of their dream bathroom, they imagine a relaxing retreat, luxurious shower, and ample storage to hide all those toiletries. There are thousands of articles about improving functionality and creating a beautiful, calming space, but there's seldom much discussion about how to build a low-maintenance bathroom that's easy to keep clean. 

If you're planning on undergoing a bathroom design update, or a major renovation consider adding easy to clean features that can save you time and give you a sparkling clean retreat for your daily visits!

Easy To Clean Bathroom Design Features

While how often you clean your bathroom is a personal choice, a thorough cleaning of every surface from walls and floors to the pipes should be done about every two months according to the experts. Consider bathroom features that can make cleaning less of a chore. These include:

• Wall Mounted Appliances

Toilets and Faucets that are wall mounted make it easy to wipe clean the surfaces underneath. Easier access to the entire floor makes mopping fast and easy. The same goes for cleaning countertops.

• Rethink tile

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom features, but it also requires scrubbing grout. Those who have their heart set on installing sparkling white tile might want to consider an off-white or gray grout into your bathroom design, which will look less dingy over time that bright white grouts. Avoiding grout altogether is another solution. Covering walls with stone slabs instead of tile will cut down on cleaning time drastically.

• Consider Back-Painted Glass

Another solution to grout lines is to replace tile with a single pane of back-painted glass. This eliminates lines or crevices where dirt and grime can accumulate. Back painting the glass allows you to introduce an interesting aesthetic element into your bathroom design as an accent or feature wall.

• All-In-One Vanity

Another area that can reduce the time of your cleaning ritual is using an all-in-one solid countertop. By having the sink built in, you eliminate seams and other areas where dirt and mold can gather. If low maintenance is your goal, stick with non-porous surfaces.

• Invest in Proper Ventilation

A quiet powerful fan or even an open window can work to reduce moisture in the bathroom decreasing the likelihood of mold or mildew. Proper ventilation is a preventative measure that can save you significant time spent cleaning in the long run.

• Suitable Flooring

A slightly sloped floor will prevent standing water and reduce the chance of mold. Its also important to use a concrete or concrete board underlayment to help prevent a moldy bathroom.

Plan Your Bathroom Design Before You Build

Taking the time before you renovate to define your wants and needs can save you time and money. If easy cleaning is an important feature to you, consider these time-saving features for your bathroom project. Speak with your interior designer or design build contractor to learn of other time saving features you can add to your project, like self cleaning toilets, or fixtures with finishes that reduce staining and water marks. Your bathroom can not only be an oasis of relaxation, it can be an easy to maintain space that will afford you with years of low maintenance enjoyment!

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