Reasons For A Walk-In Shower When Remodeling a Bathroom

Why A Walk-In Shower Make's Sense When Remodeling

One trend that has really been gaining steam in the last few years among interior designers., architects and homeowners is the walk-in shower. A walk-in shower can create the impression of more space, give your bathroom a clean-lined modern look, and for older homeowners, be a perfect solution for aging in place. Along with the visual and aesthetic benefits a walk-in shower is efficient in its use of space.

While a bathtub can be an important fixture if you have small children in the home, or love to take a long soak, a walk-in shower can be an excellent alternative for many homeowners. Let's look at some reasons to consider adding a walk-in shower to your next bathroom remodeling project along with some ideas of how to create a functional aesthetically beautiful feature in your bathroom.

What Defines A Walk-In Shower?

Primarily, a walk-in shower is a waterproofed shower area that has no hinged door allowing you to simply walk-in. A favorite design feature is to have a wet-room style floor that is tiled throughout, and a pre-formed shower mat is laid below the tile. It is possible to have a visible shower tray in a walk-in, but they typically have a shallow profile or sit flush with the floor, so the step is minimal.

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Another typical feature is a frameless, fixed, glass screen that prevents the water from splashing into the rest of the room. Depending on the space you have available, with a hidden drain system, some walk-in showers can be left entirely open depending on the design of the space, and what works with the rest of the fixtures.

A walk-in shower offers you many functional and aesthetic benefits. 

The Advantages of a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers offer homeowners many functional benefits, especially for older homeowners. If you're planning on staying in your home as you age, a threshold-free shower is safer, easier to get into and out of, and can keep you in your home. Here are some of the other benefits offered by a walk-in shower.

• A Walk-In Shower Saves Space

Whether you need more space in the bathroom, or just want to create the illusion, a walk-in shower will help. Removing the need for a bulky cubicle means that no space is taken up by bulky doors or high shower trays. This is an excellent option in narrow bathrooms or those that have low ceilings. A walk-in shower with a wet-room-style floor offers more flexibility when designing your layout because there is no fixed tray size. It can be built to fit into almost any space. 

If you're installing a frameless glass screen, you'll have no visual interruption in the space making it appear larger and brighter. This is a perfect design option for bathrooms where space is tight, or there is no access to natural light.

• Easy Access 

If you're an older person with mobility issues like arthritis, or you use a walker, a threshold-free walk-in shower offers easy access. The doorless design makes it easy to get into and out of the shower for the elderly and young children. And because you have extra space, two or more kids can wash up at the same time easing the morning or bedtime routine. Double showers can be fitted with multiple heads to add a five-star touch!

In a trayless shower, make sure to install flooring that is non-slip or has a textured surface, like ceramic tile. If you do opt for a shower tray, go for a slimline design that can be fitted flush with the floor, so there is a minimal step and less of a trip hazard.

• Easy Maintenance

Minimal hardware means there's less to clean. No door handles or hinges, just buff the faucets and shower heads once in a while and you're done. Most glass panels are made from easy to clean tempered glass making it easy just to spray them down, while the shower floor can be cleaned with the rest of the floor in the bathroom.

To keep the screen sparkling, just use a daily shower spray that's available in any store to build up a clear film on the glass that repels water and will keep mold at bay.

• Aesthetically Beautiful and Adds Value To Your Home

With sleek lines and minimalist style, walk-in showers have a high-end luxurious look. It's a well-known fact that buyers consider the kitchen and bathroom to be important features when purchasing a home, so installing a walk-in shower is sure to be a feature that will help make your home sell quickly if you decide to sell.

Achieving a designer look doesn't come with a hefty price tag, thanks to the minimal fixtures and fittings. If you use a visible tray, you can bring your costs down even more!

• Walk-In Showers Are Durable and Provide Years of Service

Many people think that a walk-in shower is fragile because of the glass, but the fact is they're extremely durable. With fewer fittings than standard enclosures, walk-in showers are incredibly durable and will stand up to years of daily use, wear and tear. No need to ever replace hinges or door seals that have worn out. A walk-in shower will look great for years.

The Potential Drawbacks of a Walk-In Shower

If your home only has a single bathroom, converting it to a walk-in shower may negatively impact its resale value. Optimally, your home should have at least one bathroom with a full-sized tub. Appraisers and real estate agents classify bathrooms by the fixtures and to qualify as a “full bath” there must be a tub. A bathroom with only a shower is considered a “three-quarter bath.”

There are a couple of other considerations before you convert to a walk-in shower. For example, if you have very small children in the home, it's often easier to bath them in a tub than in a shower. Also, the lack of a shower curtain or door offers less privacy. But overall, adding a walk-in shower to your home will up your home's livability quotient.

If you'd like more information or are considering converting your shower into a walk-in, and you live in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, give the experts at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel a call. Let us show you all of the benefits of converting your bathtub into a no-threshold walk-in shower. 

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