Highly Popular Cabinet Door Styles For Kitchen Remodeling

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most visual elements in your kitchen. They're an essential element in establishing your overall design style, and one of the most used features of any kitchen. That's why they're also one of the most expensive choices you'll make when remodeling your kitchen.

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Cabinet door styles can run from the elaborate carved raise panels found in a Mediterranean style kitchen, to sleek, simple slab doors. Here are some of the most popular cabinet door styles available.

• Shaker

Shaker is one of the most popular cabinet door styles. It's a five-piece flat panel style consisting of a four piece frame and a large flat panel in the center. It's name comes from the distinctive Shaker furniture style and works in any décor from contemporary to traditional.

• Slab/ Flat Style

The slab style gives your kitchen a smooth modern flair. It is growing in popularity as price points come down. These cabinet doors are for frameless cabinets and tend to be more expensive than more traditional styles like shaker.

• Raised Panel Doors

This has been the most popular cabinet door style for the past 40 years. The center panel rises to the thickness of the door frame. Raised panel doors offer the most detail in the profiles and contours of the center panel and can complement traditional, classic and transitional styles.

• Louvered Panel Door Fronts

Horizontal wood slats are typically used on windows, furniture, and interior doors, but they add a distinct architectural style to your kitchen. Many louvered cabinets have small spaces between the slats making them perfect for cabinets that require ventilation.

• Inset

This style is one of the most expensive cabinet door styles, but it's a classic look that will last for generations and still look great! Inset doors get their name because they sit inside the cabinet frame. The doors are precisely manufactured so that it nests inside the frame. This door style typically requires exposed hinges which are often not included in the cabinet price so make sure your budget takes this into account.

• Distressed

If you love an antique look in the kitchen you'll love distressed-looking cabinets. Most manufacturers will distress your new cabinet doors for a 15 to 20 percent upcharge.

• Beadboard

If you love the cottage style, beadboard cabinet doors are for you. The center panel of the doors are made to look like traditional beadboard paneling. All white beadboard doors can give your kitchen a bright clean feel.

• Glass Panel Doors

Whether it a single pane of clear or frosted glass, or mullions style, glass cabinet doors are trending. They're a great way to give your kitchen an open airy feel. Just make sure you have dishes and glassware that is worth displaying, or opt for frosted glass for a modern look.

Work with your kitchen designer to choose the perfect cabinet door style for your new kitchen. They're an influential component of your overall kitchen design!

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