Choosing and Installing A Television During A Bathroom Remodel

Installing a Television In A Bathroom

What To Know About Installing a Television in a Bathroom Remodel

Today, we're all living in a world where we can be connected 24/7/365. For many homeowners, that understand the benefits, technology is changing the way we live, and interact with our homes. From refrigerators that keep track of our shopping list to smart toilets, technology has entered the house in many new ways in the past several years.

If you like to stay plugged in, you can even include a television in your bathroom remodel. If you like to get a jump on the news of the day while you're preparing for work, mirrors are available that have a TV built right into the glass. You can check stock prices, headlines or sports scores while you're shaving in the morning.  Or maybe your idea of relaxation is slipping into the standalone tub after work with a glass of wine and your favorite romantic comedy cued up and ready to watch on the widescreen by the tub.

Adding a television to your bathroom remodel isn't as easy as walking into a big box store and leaving with a TV to hang in the bathroom. Although it's getting easier as manufacturers are releasing more and more TVs ready for the bathroom! There are a few special considerations you'll need to understand when choosing a TV for the bathroom. 

Here's what you should keep in mind when considering a television for the bath.

First, Think About How You'll Use A Bathroom Television

Consider how you'll use the TV. It will help you to narrow your choices and consider your design options. Many homeowners choose to include extras along with the TV like wireless audio, Internet connectivity, and the ability to access their home network for checking emails or social feeds.

Will you watch as you're getting dressed in the morning, or when relaxing after work in the tub? You'll need to consider all of your options when designing your space for where to locate the set for optimal viewing. Also how big of a screen makes sense? These are all important considerations.

Ultimately you'll need to set a budget, and that may help you determine the extent of the system you can install. There are many options available, and you should speak with your design-build contractor about choosing the right unit. 

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Interesting Design Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right Television

When adding a TV to your bathroom remodel, you have a number of choices in terms of your overall design. Here are a few considerations to talk about with your design-build contractor. 

•  Disguise it as an architectural element. Create a parallel with another design feature in the bathroom. For example, if your bathroom features wood beams, create a wood frame to match.

• Choose a waterproof TV.While a regular set can work, provided it's appropriately hung away from water sources, if you plan to use it every day, a waterproof TV is a good choice. Moisture can build up over time and damage the TV. Select one that is rated for outdoor or bathroom use, so you know it will stand up. Some models even have built-in fog resistance, which is great if you love long, hot, showers.

• Decide where to install the set. Do you want to catch the news in the morning while putting on your make-up, or are you more likely to watch when taking a long soak in the tub? How you'll use the TV will determine where to position it. If you'd like to be able to see it from multiple points, choose a wall mount that swings or swivels.

• Place it at a comfortable viewing angle. If you're relaxing in the bath, the last thing you want is to have to strain your neck to watch a movie. Either hang it low or go with a holder that pivots up and down.

• Hide it. A TV isn't “natural” in a bathroom. If you don't want it to detract from your design, consider hiding it. You can conceal it behind a cabinet door, or in a recessed niche.

• Check out the latest technology before you make a decision. Today, there are some companies offering TVs embedded within a bathroom mirror. As soon as you press the off button, the TV completely disappears. This is an excellent option for a smaller bathroom, or if you favor a minimalist design where a TV might look awkward.

•  Incorporate clear glass into your design. Using clear glass shower walls, and dividers allow you to view the screen even when you're in the shower or bath.

• Consider keeping it portable. You may find that having a TV in the bathroom sounded a lot better than it actually is, or you may want to move it if your bathroom habits change. For the most flexibility, place it on top of a freestanding shelf unit. 

A TV in the bathroom can be a great amenity if it fits in with your lifestyle. If you're planning a bathroom remodel, and you're not sure it a TV in the bathroom is right for you, try living with a portable TV for a while before construction to see if it works for you.  A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to install your entertainment options. 

Even if you have a smaller bathroom, there are options available. You can choose an option including installed sound that matches the size of your room. The best option is to discuss all of the possibilities with your designer or design-build contractor before you buy gear. It's important to make sure everything is compatible, but beyond that, you have so many options and configurations that you should work with your team during the design phase.

If you're planning a bathroom remodel, give the experts at Degnan Design Build Remodel a call. We've been delivering dream homes to our greater Madison, Wisconsin clients for years and we can do it for you! We'll help you design the perfect bathroom to meet your needs!

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