Small Bathroom Remodeling: Storage and Space Saving Design Ideas

Creative Storage Solutions For A Small Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, adequate storage is an essential element. Unfortunately, many of us have a small bathroom that can be challenging when it comes to storage space. Often, a small bathroom suffers from poor design. If you're considering a remodel, and planning on keeping the same square footage, some creative ideas cannot only add storage, but also add style, and give the impression of space.

Here are some great storage an space saving ideas to think about when planning your small bathroom remodel.

Creative Design Ideas That Can Add Space to Your Small Bathroom

A storage niche for towels utilizes space formerly wasted in an oversized chimney chase.

If you step back and really look at your bathroom, there can be quite a lot of overlooked areas that you can easily add storage space and functionality to your small bathroom, while keeping it aesthetically beautiful.

Small slices of space, often lurking near the sink, tub, or mirror are perfect areas to look for additional space. For example, if you have a smaller master bathroom that has a double vanity, the space between the mirrors can be turned into a valuable space by just adding a small shelving unit that fits between the mirrors. It's the perfect place to keep toiletries close at hand when preparing for your day.

Another often overlooked idea, to add space without affecting the rooms overall footprint is to create niches. It's a great way to utilize space you might not even realize you have. Inside your walls are studs that are typically 16-inches apart, and a little over 4-inches deep. If it's an interior wall that doesn't have insulation or plumbing inside it, this can become usable space. Removing the drywall and adding glass shelves and lighting can create a beautiful and functional display area. For example, transfer your toiletries out of their plastic bottles and into decorative containers. It can instantly reduce clutter, and make the room instantly more stylish.

Rethinking Doorways 

Toilet topper cabinets still remain an important storage space, especially in a smaller bathroom. Designing ahead of time allows them to be integrated with the other cabinetry, and features such as open shelving can make them beautiful.

If your small bathroom has a door that swings into the space (which is typical), often rethinking your entryway can give you a little extra space, and also give your bathroom the impression of being larger than it is. 

Changing your swinging door into a pocket door that slides into the wall is a great option, that is functional, and adds an interesting architectural twist to your home. Most pocket doors have a tiny circular depression that allows you to slide the door entirely into the wall. By opening the doorway slightly, you can add a few extra inches and then add a more aesthetically interesting vertical door handle. 

If your wall won't support a pocket door, for example, if there is wiring or plumbing that won't allow for installation, a stylish alternative is to install a sliding barn door. While a pocket door encloses all of the hardware within the wall, a barn door uses external hardware that allows you to slide the door along the outside wall. A barn door doesn't have to be rustic. If you prefer a more modern look, using a translucent material is a great way to up the design factor, allow a little extra light into the room and still provide privacy. It's a great way to make a design statement!

A Wall Mounted Toilet Can Add Style and Space in A Small Bathroom

A wall mounted toilet has a tank that is installed within the wall behind it, so it uses the space behind the wall to reduce how far the toilet protrudes into the bathroom.  The carrier system inside the wall is available to fit both walls that are framed using 2x6-inch studs, or more standard 2x4-inch studs. 

Sometimes you'll have things already inside the wall that might be problematic to re-route, so a wall-hung toilet might not be a viable choice. But, consider building out a section of the wall specifically to house the tank. You won't gain or lose any floor space, but they are about the toilet can be turned into recessed shelving that will add storage. It's a bit more expensive than buying a shelving unit that straddles the tank, but it will look much nicer and can add a visual element to your design.

Another option that is similar to a wall-mounted toilet, that can also give the appearance of a larger bathroom is a wall hung vanity. While you might have a little less storage than a vanity that reaches the floor, it opens the bathroom up visually giving the impression of more space.

Adding Drawer Space

Taking a cue from the kitchen, adding roll out cabinets, for example next to the walk-in shower, can be an efficient use of space. Using roll-out organizers allows you to access items in the back of a deep cabinet. 

Other unused or non-typical areas can also creatively add space. Adding toe-kick drawers to the vanity, or turning that large under sink cabinet into a set of drawers can give you extra space for toiletries, hair dryers, curling irons, or other items without taking any additional space.

If you're challenged by limited storage space in your small bathroom, think outside of the box and take a look at your bathroom with a fresh set of eyes. If you're working with a designer or design-build firm, they can help you to understand all of your options when it comes to maximizing the functionality of your small bathroom.

If you're planning a bathroom remodeling project and you live in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, give the experts at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel a call. We're current with all of the newest products when it comes to bathroom remodeling, and our design team can help you to maximize the functionality of your small bathroom.

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