A Complete Renovation For This 1990's Parade Home

This whole house renovation was designed and built for empty nesters who are the original owners of the house.  The home is a mid-price Parade home from the late 1990's. They bought the house when it was nearly finished and had limited ability to customize the original construction, not that there was anything wrong with the design or construction relative to the era it was built. But, now was the time for an update!

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An Updated Kitchen

In the kitchen we evaluated whether cabinetry should be replaced entirely, but determined that painting of the cabinetry and installation of new countertops backsplash tile, appliances and hardware were preferred. To improve the functionality of the kitchen, additional storage was incorporated by adding tip out trays and a towel holder under the sink and a tray divider/organizer under the cooktop in an underutilized cabinet.

Quartz Countertops

Te countertops are Cambria Laneshaw quartz. The tile backsplash is Cantina oversized 4 inch by 12 inch subway tile in a brick pattern.

Modern Details

A Delta Mateo faucet was installed in Arctic stainless steel and the modern cabinet hardware is by Berenson


A Spa-Like Bathroom Design

This design called for the removal of an unused whirlpool tub and a dated fiberglass shower module that was too small. The single lavatory sink in the vanity was replaced with a pair of Vapour Green vessel sinks that gives the space a unique, modern feel. The vessel also allowed for a lower vanity height, transitioning well to the makeup counter space.

We had never done a major remodeling project before. We didn’t know the timeline or anything and they were very good explaining how it would work and explained why they were doing it as they were doing it.
— Review Comment from D.M.A., Middleton