Screen Porch with a View

Screen Porch Addition

These homeowners wanted to add a screen porch to their home, but not just your typical porch. They wanted a screen porch that was interesting to look at,  but more than anything else, one that would also preserve the view of their beautiful backyard woods from multiple rooms of their home.

Preserving the View

We were able to preserve much of the view by the materials alone. The use of high definition screens, glass balusters, and cable rail allowed us to preserve the view from every angle within the addition.

The glass balusters were used for the addition of the deck and stairway.

Which granted new access to the yard.

Here is the before picture of their home…

The homeowners simply had a deck, no screen porch, and no stairway access. A big part of preserving the view was making choices about room placement, column placement, and the space needed to create a stairway.

And here are the improved views from the office and dining room.

Choosing a Shape

As you may have already observed from the before picture, this house contained octagonal rooms, which leads us to our second design dilemma. Which porch shape would seamlessly flow from an octagonal room? An octagonal one of course!

We often think about octagons as symmetrical. Ours happens to be irregular as it ties into the house. The cathedral ceiling takes on its own shape as it rises gracefully and ties in to the wall of the existing home.

A level area was designed to accommodate a ceiling fan.

Extending the Octagon

Extending the roof line to accommodate an octagonally shaped addition was quite a challenge. Here are some images that demonstrate the work that needed to be done in order to make this possible.

Choosing a Floor

Next it was time to lay the deck boards, we chose to go with octagonal shaped decking.

After exploring multiple decking layouts, we chose one that follows the original layout of the home.

some final comparisons…






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