Bathroom Remodeling Ideas From The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Contemporary Bathroom Remodeling Ideas From KBIS

Winter is a special time for the team here at Degnan Design Build Remodel. Every year the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is held along with the International Builders Show, either in Las Vegas or in Orlando, Florida. The show is a great opportunity to learn about the newest trends, ideas and products in Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling.

The annual KBIS is the premiere showcase where manufacturers introduce the latest materials, styles, design elements and trends for the coming year in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Here at Degnan, we're excited about being able to offer our clients the latest top kitchen and bath trends, styles and technologies. Here are ten of the top trends to watch for in 2018 and beyond!

The Top Cutting Edge Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Watch in 2018

Right behind the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most remodeled space new homeowner's want to personalize. These were some of the featured bathroom trends at the 2018 KBIS show.

• Contemporary and Transitional Style Will Continue to Grow

This is a style trend that is going to continue to grow. Bathrooms that feature this combination style tend towards a neat and tidy built- in appearance in contrast to more traditional styles. Think clean lines and simple surfaces that are easy to keep looking crisp and clean.

    Transitional style mixes rich elements and character like paneled cabinet doors and traditional lights and elegantly simple finishes like stone slabs and subway tiles. It's a perfect style for homeowner's to express their personal aesthetic.

    Freestanding Vanity

    This vanity was inspired by very traditional elements in the timber-framed home. Inset doors and iron pulls are distinctly rustic elements. Yet the slab drawer panels present a surprisingly sleek contrast, making this vanity a beautiful and unique element.

    • Wood Vanities

    More and more designers and homeowners are including wooden furniture-style vanities that look like freestanding furniture pieces. They offer a crisp clean look and add a welcoming vibe to any bathroom. To bring out the character of the wood, opt for a mid to light tone stain. To create a more formal feel, dark tones are the best choice. And cabinets stained, dyed or painted nearly black continue to be modern chic. 

    • Engineered Quartz Countertops and Panels

    If you love the look of natural marble but don't want to commit to using a porous material in the bathroom, look to engineered quartz. More homeowners are learning of, and incorporating this durable material in the bath. From countertops to flooring engineered quartz is durable, beautiful and affordable. Today, manufacturers are even producing thin panels for use as the shower surround or around the bath. If offers the luxurious continuous look of natural stone with no seams or grout lines.

    • Technology Comes to the Bathroom!

    The smart bathroom has arrived. The show featured two uses of smart technology to make your master bath even more functional and spa-like. Imagine heading home after a hard day to slip into a warm bath and relax. With new smart technology, you can open an app on your phone and start filling the tub with the perfect temperature water before you enter the driveway. Then, sync the jets to the rhythm of your favorite music from your iPod while the LED lights in the tub sync to your favorite song!

    • Freestanding Tubs

    Freestanding tubs have continued to grow in popularity. New designs can be heated and have jet sprays. Many of the newest models are sculptural in design giving you a wonderful visual focal point for your design.

    Floating Vanity with Hidden Lighting

    LED lighting can be used for night lighting or decorative lighting. A contemporary floating vanty presents the perfect opportunity to place these lights, but they can also be installed in the toe kick of conventional cabinetry.

    • Innovative Storage Solutions

    Internal cabinet accessories like vertical pull out storage drawers for the vanity offer innovative solutions for saving space and keeping organized. The options are hidden inside the cabinets so they don't impact the décor while offering clever ways to fully utilize the height and depth of any cabinet.

    • Gray Tones

    Designers are skipping the brighter colors and instead opting for shades of gray with fresh white and black accents. It brings together a peaceful, mature palette. Mixing gray tomes can add interest to a space while keeping it light and airy. For example a darker gray cabinet with a paler tone for the walls that can add depth to your design.

    • Hidden Lighting

    New creative lighting techniques allow for mirrors and sinks to light up based on your preferences. Modern designs will incorporate less obvious hidden sources that are hidden behind panels of fixtures. Adding strategic lighting on dimmers can create a wide range of spa-like moods.

    These are just some of the dominant trends showcased at this year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Here at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel, we're excited to incorporate these trends and materials into our coming projects. If you're considering a bathroom remodeling give our design team a call and let us help you to create your dream bathroom.

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