Kitchen Remodeling and Under Counter Refrigerators or Freezers

Image Courtesy of Perlick Corporation

Image Courtesy of Perlick Corporation

This butlers pantry area includes an espresso maker, sink, and dual under counter beverage refrigerators.

Under Counter Refrigerators and Freezers For Your Madison Kitchen Remodel

Built-in appliances like under counter refrigerators and freezers are a highly requested option with our Madison, WI kitchen remodeling clients. There are a number of different styles of under-counter appliances used for cooling food, wine, and beverages. These include wine chillers, beverage centers, ice-makers and refrigerator drawers. Due to their compact size, small refrigerators are an ideal addition when your kitchen remodel includes a butlers pantry, oversized kitchen island or in larger kitchens where you want multiple appliances.

Here are some of the top options for under counter refrigerators, freezers and beverage centers for your kitchen remodeling project.

Under Counter Refrigerators, Freezers and Beverage Centers

This butlers pantry has an under cabinet beverage refrigerator well suited for beer temperatures.

The desire for convenience has brought us a wide selection of distinct appliances to meet homeowners needs. The most popular of these are under counter refrigerators for wine and beverage centers, but appliances like ice makers and freezer drawers are becoming more popular with homeowners.

Under counter appliances offer convenience and can fit into any kitchen design. When doing your research look for appliances from quality manufacturers like Perlick, True, Marvel, Jenn-Air and Sub-Zero who all make high-quality products.

Depending on your needs and the model you purchase, an under counter refrigerator can handle some or all of the tasks your full-sized fridge performs. They are designed to go where full-sized models won't fit. For example, adding an under counter fridge to your walk-in pantry can make storage of often used condiments and sauces, extra milk, eggs, or snacks convenient. They really shine when used to store beverages like soda for the kids, or beer for the game.

Unlike the “compact refrigerator” you had in your dorm room in college, an under counter refrigerator is a well-designed piece of equipment that is made to work perfectly, for a long period of time. They look great and will enhance the look of any room that they're in. They can be found in chef's kitchens and are professional grade machines used for specific purposes.

Under Counter Freezers

Until recently, under counter freezers were most often found in commercial applications. Today, as homeowners have begun to embrace the convenience they offer, more are being used in high-end kitchen remodels. Many families have a garage or basement deep freeze. How many times have you neglected food cooking on the stove to go out to the garage, or down to the basement to dig around the deep freeze? Having a dedicated under counter freezer hidden in the island is a great way to free up space in your main freezer.

This bar boasts a two-tap kegerator setup in its under counter beverage center.

They're a great place to store treats for the kids after school snack, like pizza rolls, or ice pops as well as frozen goods for the family chef. In terms of the kids, if yours are little, an under counter freezer is safer and easier to reach than an overhead model.

One reason they've been slow to catch on is that until recently, under counter freezers had a decidedly industrial look that wasn't at home in many kitchen designs. Today, glass-fronted models, freezer drawers, traditional stainless steel, all black or white models are available that can fit into any kitchen design.

Under Counter Beverage Centers

Beverage centers are by far the most popular under counter appliance among homeowners. Shopping for a unit can be overwhelming as there are a large number of models, brands, features and capacities available.

Start by defining your needs. This can help you to narrow your choices. Decide what kinds of drinks you'll store. Models are available that store cans, and bottles, wine, and other drinks. Some models are designed for single use, like storing cans, others dual-zone center can store cans as well as bottles of wine.

This under counter wine cooler has different temperature zones for red wine and white wine.

Think about capacity and how many beverages you'd like to store. If you have a typical family a mid-capacity unit can store 80 to 100 cans. If you have a larger family, or lots of guests look towards a larger capacity model. A 150 can capacity can keep several items cold at once and keep your guests happy!

Beer Taps and Kegerators

Another type of beverage center is a dedicated kegerator with draft beer taps. As home brewing has become more popular, the kegerator options have become more common and frequently chosen. The smallest units handle a single keg, and there are many options which will handle two or more kegs. This client chose a two keg unit, and tends to keep one commercially brewed beer on tap alongside a second keg of homebrew.

Wine Coolers

If you love wine, a dedicated wine cooler can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. For most wine lovers a 40 bottle capacity is probably plenty of space. However, if you have a larger collection, units are available that can hold hundreds of bottles.

A well-designed model will offer some great features, for example, individual zones to store red wine, white wine, and champagne at the proper temperature and relative humidity. Other features include pull out shelves, UV-protected glass, remote controls and digital temperature control panels. Make sure that any unit you chose is well made with shelves and gliders that can hold substantial weight, up to about 35 pounds – the weight of a standard case of wine.

Under cabinet refrigerators, freezers, beverage centers, and wine cooler can add luxury and convenience to your kitchen. Today, there are plenty of attractive models available that can match any design style and meet any need. Do your homework, define your needs, and speak with one of our design professionals. There are plenty of well made under counter appliances that are available at all price points.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 1/23/2019.

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