Basement Remodeling Ideas That Will Make Downstairs Your Favorite Room

Professional Basement Remodeling Tips

If you're looking for ways to add functional living space to your home, consider finishing the basement. For many homeowners, the basement is a dark and neglected space, where you store your stuff, maybe you've got your washer and dryer set-up down there, or an extra freezer. But the truth is, your basement contains a significant amount of square footage that can be turned into a functional space as beautiful as the rest of your home! With a small budget and a little creativity, a basement remodeling can add plenty of extra living space that can improve your lifestyle and add value to your home.

Let's explore some of the options for remodeling that can turn your dark, neglected basement into your family's favorite space in your home!

Reinvent Your Space With A Basement Remodeling Project

Basement Design Ideas

Your basement can become the most used room in your house. With a little creativity you can transform this little used space into any type of room you might need. Some great uses for the basement include:

  • a dedicated in home office

  • a home gym or workout space

  • a spacious laundry center

  • a game room, music room, or practice space

  • a playroom for the kids

  • a homeschooling area

  • an artists space or crafting area

  • a home theatre

  • a guest or in-law suite

  • a wine cellar or home brewery

  • an indoor hockey rink, bowling alley, putting green or golf simulator

  • a museum or display area for your collection

  • a formal library

  • the ultimate man cave

Think outside of the box! With a little creativity and a modest budget you can create the perfect space to meet any need.

First, start by assessing your needs. Do you have any functional needs that your basement can resolve? For example, do you need extra bedrooms or a dedicated home office? How about a space for the family to gather and watch the game, or enjoy movie night?

Your basement is a flexible space that can fulfill almost any need you might have from creating an in-law suite for your aging parents to a home theatre the whole family can enjoy. Here are some great ideas for transforming your basement!

• Creating a Home Office

Today, many of us are working from home more often. Remodeling your basement into a home office can give you space away from the rest of the family to get work done. Install your computer, furniture, office appliances, bookcases, filing cabinets, a television and a dedicated phone line to create the perfect workspace. Consider adding a separate entrance if you plan to meet clients. This is an excellent option if you work from home, or for those who frequently bring work home like architects, writers, computer technicians or programmers, engineers, and designers.

If you do opt to create an office, make sure to waterproof every inch of the basement especially if you'll have electronic devices, and file storage.

• Add A Home Theatre

Imagine watching your favorite movie in your own private screening room complete with a projector or home theatre system with surround sound, lighting systems, theatre seats and a private bar area. A private theatre is a great place to spend time with the family, watch home videos, or invite the guys over to view the big game.

• Build A Game Room For The Kids

Creating a game room is one of the most popular basement remodeling ideas. You'll always know where the kids are and if you have the space, you can include a pool or ping pong table, old school video games, pinball machines, a video gaming area with a wide screen TV, surround sound and dedicated gaming chairs, or even your own bowling alley!

The ultimate game room might have air hockey, Foosball, or a pool table. Which would you choose?

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• Build The Ultimate Exercise Room and Spa

If you love to work out consider building a dedicated exercise room for your workouts. You can even include a spa area with a sauna, and a full bath with a beautiful jetted soaking tub and large shower for a post-workout soak. Create a relaxation grotto with reclining chairs, lamps and shelving to relax and enjoy your favorite book with a glass of wine. You can even add a water feature or fountain to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

• Home Music Room and Recording Studio

If you have kids that love to play music creating a private music room/practice space could be a great option. With proper sound-proofing, the room could be the perfect place to rehearse the band. You can even add lighting and seating for the ideal in-home concert venue!

This lower level has a traditional bar layout with beer taps and the host serving as bartender.

• Custom Built Wine Cellar

You can turn a part of the basement into the perfect private wine cellar and tasting room. Custom built shelving can store and display your collection and can expand as your collection grows. Add a faux stone wall to create the perfect ambiance, a rustic table to sit and taste, or even a private wine bar area to entertain friends.

• A Guest Room or Complete Inlaw Suite

With a few additions, like a proper escape window or means of egress, you can turn the basement into the perfect place to host guests or aging parents. Adding a separate entrance can give visitors the independence to come and go without disturbing the rest of the family. Today, more homes are used for multigenerational families. Adding a separate in-law suite with its own bathroom and a small kitchen can give you plenty of space for a growing family. Of course, this type of renovation may require special permitting so speak with your local building department before starting any construction.

Your basement is valuable space that with a modest budget and a little creativity can become the favorite space in your home! No matter what your needs, with a little work you can add functional living space to your home that will not only improve your quality of life but can add value to your home.

If you are going to do a finished basement, you want it to feel like a part of the house. Discover what to do so that you end up with a finished lower level instead of a drab basement.

Finished Lower Levels Are Enticing

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