Home Remodeling and Cabinetry Ideas For Semi-Open Floor Plans

Learn How To Design a Semi-Open Floor Plan When Remodeling

While the open floor plan has become an incredibly popular choice for many homeowners, some homes don't lend themselves easily to totally open concept floor plans. For these homes, opening up part of the space, or creating a semi-open floor plan concept can improve the flow of your home, while still providing you with a slightly more open floor plan. 

The open concept does come with some challenges for homeowners. One of the problems of an entirely open concept is that it is sometimes difficult to hide things like a messy kitchen. For example, you're cooking for a dinner party and the meal is ready to be served and you're ready to sit down at the table. This sight of messy pots and pans in an open space can detract from the elegance of your dinner, especially when you have guests.

So what is the solution? That's where the concept of a semi-open floor plan comes in. Let's look at some home remodeling tips and cabinetry ideas that can keep the mess hidden, while still providing you with the open feeling you're looking for.

The Benefits of Semi-Open Floor Plans

This semi-open kitchen has an island and dinette, with openings to the foyer, stairway, and formal dining room. It has an audible connection to the adjacent living room, but is visually separated.

Open floor plans offer homeowners many benefits like creating a more open flow throughout your living space, excellent sight lines, and flooding your home with natural light. The semi-open floor plan offers many of the same benefits, but with options. 

For example, rather than completely opening the dining room to the kitchen, you can create a semi-open dining area, by opening up the wall and installing double sliding barn doors. That means that you can open up the doors while you're preparing dinner to interact with guests, and then slide them closed to hide the dirty pots and pans when dinner is served. 

The semi-open concept floor plan allows you to take advantage of the natural light created by opening up your living space. Plus, having a semi-open floor plan can still create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while hiding away areas of your living space, without compartmentalizing or isolating you from family, or guests. Let's look at some creative ideas for creating semi-open floor plans.

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Creative Ideas To Establish A Semi-Open Floor Plan

This remodeled home in Waunakee has a section of loadbearing wall with plumbing and HVAC inside, that provides the perfect visual separation from the front door and a spot for the piano.

While an open floor plan can create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can hang out together, there are times when this open vibe can be, well... a little annoying. For example, if the kids are in the living room playing video games on the wide-screen TV and you need to take a call or have a private conversation, it can be a bit difficult.  Here are some creative solutions that your designer can incorporate to offer you the best of both worlds.

• Sliding Interior Doors

Adding pocket doors or sliding barn doors between the kitchen and other rooms can be a stylish design solution. When it comes to buffering noise or creating more intimate seating areas, just close the doors and section off the space.

• You Want Clear Sight Lines

If you have little ones in the house and want to keep an eye on them, widening existing openings can provide you with clear sight lines, while still maintaining some privacy. This can be an especially practical solution in older homes. Sometimes, creating an open floor plan can be impractical and expensive. Older homes tend to be more compartmentalized and ripping out walls can create the need to install header beams or other structural support which can be costly. Be widening openings you can create the feel of an open concept affordably.

• You Crave A Cozy Spot

Sometimes, you love an open concept, but you occasionally miss having a cozy space you can call your own. This can be especially true in the winter time when sitting in a vast open area that can feel drafty and dreary. Consider creating a cozy corner. Place cozy furniture into a corner of your space and consider adding a screen or room divider to offer some privacy. Setting up a private nook in a corner can give you the privacy you need without compromising sight lines or that wide open feeling.

The design-build construction team at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel will work with you to incorporate various elements into your design to give you the open feel you desire, with just enough privacy to provide you with a little separation when you need it!

In The Kitchens, Use Cabinetry Creatively 

A creative solution to take advantage of views: The central island is anchored to a piece of wall. Both the main sink and cooktop have optimal views out the large windows. At right, just off the photo, is the set of pantry cabinets, refrigerator, and oven.

If you require a good number of cabinets to meet your storage needs in the kitchen, or if you're looking for a creative way to incorporate a bit of separation between the kitchen and your living space consider glass doors. Two-sided glass door cabinets can offer you the best of both worlds. 

Hanging a bank of cabinets with double-sided glass doors over the island can keep your kitchen flooded with natural light and feeling open while providing you with the privacy, and storage space you need. This is also an excellent solution for smaller kitchens. Double glass doors can help to keep the area feeling open and expansive without sacrificing storage space.

If you're concerned about the contents of your cabinets being on display, you can get the same open effect by using frosted glass to soften the view. You'll still enjoy the benefits of lovely diffused natural light while keeping your glassware hidden from view. Suspended glass-framed cabinets are the perfect option for balancing your kitchen storage needs and a small bit of separation between rooms while still allowing light to circulate and sight lines to be preserved. 

Sitting down with your design-build remodeler and discussing your options will help you to create the perfect living space. View our calendar and schedule an appointment. If you're thinking of creating an open concept floor plan, but are concerned about the lack of privacy, you have options. Creatively using doors, adding glass-framed cabinetry, and employing interior design techniques can allow you to have the openness you want, with the privacy you need.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 2/1/2019.

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