Remodeling Your Kitchen For More Natural Light

Increasing Natural Light When Remodeling a Kitchen

Nothing beats natural light streaming into your home. Unlike artificial light, natural light streams in a rich full light spectrum that bulbs can only try to duplicate. Natural light increases the body's serotonin level and best of all, it's completely free.

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Unfortunately, many kitchens were not built with the goal of enhancing natural light. If you're looking for ways to brighten up your home and bring more natural light into the kitchen, here are some design and remodeling ideas to consider when planning your kitchen remodeling project.

Three Simple Painting Tips to Brighten Your Kitchen

While adding windows or a patio door to your kitchen is an obvious way to bring more natural light into your space, there are other easy ways to enhance the natural light levels in your home's kitchen. Here are some simple painting ideas to get you started.

• Paint Your Home's Eaves White – Whether they're left open or covered by a soffit, your home's eaves reflect natural light into your home. Painting your home's eaves white is a little-known way to boost the natural light streaming into every room of your home. Even if your home is painted a different color, you can still paint the eaves and because they angle towards the house, you won't affect your curb appeal.

This remodeled kitchen in Westport, WI features an oversized window at the kitchen sink, a skylight over the island, and a two connections to the adjacent sunroom.

• Brighten Your Homes Walls and Ceilings – Did you know that interior wall color is the best way to reflect natural light back into the room? All paints have a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) pure white paint has an LRV of 100% and black's LRV is 0%. Every color in between has a greater or lesser LRV.

Painting your walls and especially the ceiling, white will offer you the maximum LRV and can go far in terms of brightening your space.

• High Gloss Paint Will Turn Your Walls Into Mirrors - The higher the gloss, the higher the LRV. More light will bounce off of a glossy surface than a matte one. The doesn't necessarily mean you should paint everything bright glossy white. Try moving up one level “glossier.” for example, if you're walls are matte, try eggshell or satin. If your walls are eggshell, move to a semi-gloss.

Remodeling Ideas to Increase Light

If you're planning on remodeling your kitchen, there are quite a few ways to improve the natural light in your home. Here are a few ways you can design your kitchen to take advantage of natural light.

Add A Skylight Over The Island

A conservatory-style ceiling with skylights can open your kitchen to tons of natural light. It's a modern, elegant, aesthetically pleasing way to increase the light levels in your kitchen.

Consider Adding Windows Between The Cabinets

This remodeled kitchen in Waunakee, WI left the dining room window in-place to create a bright and cozy window seat.

If space is limited, try adding narrow windows tucked between the upper cabinets. This can add light to the kitchen, and create a beautiful focal point in the kitchen.

Create A Kitchen Window “Backsplash”

Adding a window beneath the upper cabinets is a great alternative to a traditional tile backsplash. It allows natural light to splash across the counters, it's a great alternative to under cabinet lighting during the day, plus it's aesthetically beautiful.

Stacking or Clerestory Windows

Don't want to replace the backsplash? Try adding clerestory windows. These are windows that are found in the upper part of a high-ceilinged room. If you have space above the cabinets clerestory windows are an excellent way to add natural light to the kitchen and they can also make a stunning design statement.

Replacement Windows

This remodeled kitchen in Cottage Grove, WI removed walls that separated the kitchen from the dining and living areas. The kitchen is now bright, and also connected to the best parts of the home.

If you have existing windows that are to be replaced during your remodel, consider using replacement windows that have less Low-E coating. While Low-E windows are excellent at insulating your home and reducing harmful UVA and UVB rays, the Low-E coating can filter a significant amount of light. Less coating will allow more light into your kitchen.

Add Garden Windows

Garden windows are designed to let in light to create a healthy environment for growing plants. Typically they extend out from the house and have an interior shelf for plants. Side vents allow for fresh air ventilation.

Removing Walls

By using the windows in other parts of the home, an open concept floor plan often provides more light in the kitchen.

Work with a Design-Build-Remodel Firm

Working with a design-build firm can help you to better understand your options. They are professionals who are up to date on all of the latest design trends, products, and materials to create your dream kitchen.

With the growing trend toward creating open floor plans and opening homes to natural light, they can show you options that you might not know existed. From sliding glass walls to open your kitchen up to the outdoors, to using materials that amplify light in the home, your designer can create a beautiful light-filled kitchen that your entire family will love.

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, give the experts at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel a call at (608) 846-5963. Our creative design team can help you to open your kitchen up to natural light while creating a functional and aesthetically beautiful space. 

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