Why A Recessed Shower Niche Is A Must Have When Remodeling a Bathroom

Shower Niche Installation and Design For Bathroom Remodeling

While we all would love a spacious, luxurious bathroom, complete with plenty of storage, the fact is, many of us have smaller bathrooms where space can sometimes be an issue. We all need a location for our everyday shower essentials like soap, razors, shampoo, and conditioner, but finding space isn't always easy. A bulky shower organizer is one option, but in a bathroom where space is at a premium, this can take up valuable real estate and isn't the most attractive solution.

A better solution, especially if you're remodeling, is including a shower niche in your design. There are many benefits from both an aesthetic and functionality point of view for including a shower niche into your bathroom design, and there are several different types of shower niches available. Choosing the right one comes down to installation, and defining your needs.

Let's take a look at exactly what a shower niche is, and some of the benefits of including one in your bathroom remodeling.

This niche is precisely integrated with the vertical tile stripe used in 3 parts of this shower at Metropolitan Place condos, Madison.

What is A Shower Niche?

Whether you call it a shower niche, bathroom niche, built-in shower shelf, shower cubby, or shower nook, a shower niche is a storage space recessed into the wall of your shower that is used to store soap, shampoo bottles, etc. It's a permanent recessed shelf in the tile shower wall that is finished and waterproof allowing you to use this extra space inside the wall for storage.

There is two basic types of shower niches – Tiled, and Finished.

Custom Tiled Niches

A custom niche requires the construction of a framed box in between the wall studs. They're then covered with tile board, waterproofed and then tiled. This type of shower niche is the most costly, but if you're planning a bathroom remodel, it is well worth the added expense. Tiled niches can be built to any custom size.

 Preformed Shower Niche

A preformed shower niche is the easiest to install, and it's waterproof. It can be made of foam board, plastic or stainless steel and it's designed to be tiled. They're available in a few standard sizes.

Finished shower niches are available in two different variations:

• Membrane Bounding Niche – has an outer flange for bonding to waterproofing membranes and attaching to the framing. They are made from stainless steel or porcelain and are easier to install than a tiled niche.

The same tile used in the horizontal stripe is repeated as the back of the shower niche at this home in Waunakee.

• Retrofit Niche – These mount into a hole in the finished tile and fastens with adhesive. They can be made from stainless steel, porcelain or plastic and are the easiest to install.

The Benefits of Adding a Shower Niche in Your Bathroom Remodel

If you share a bathroom or space is limited a place to hold your essentials like shampoo, soap, and conditioner is a must. If you've ever used a shower caddy or shelf to provide extra space, they can provide you with extra space but are challenging to clean, and bulky can make your shower look messy, and are not aesthetically pleasing in any design.

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A shower niche is a better solution, and it's relatively inexpensive to include in a bathroom remodel. It provides the perfect place to keep your essentials, adds valuable space to the shower area, and can be a creative focal point in your bathroom design. Here are five benefits for adding a shower niche to your bathroom remodel.

• You'll gain extra space in the shower to hold your everyday essentials

• It keeps your shower and tub space neat and clutter free making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing

• You can customize your niche to blend in with the shower area or stand out as a design element. When it comes to the design, you can add a splash of color, or install a uniquely shaped or patterned tile create a focal point.

• Your niche can be almost any size and can add shelves to increase the storage capacity

• A niche can be installed at any height. Consider installing one at eye level for your shower essentials or to hold a shaving mirror, and a lower niche that can be used as a footrest when shaving legs.

This ADA-accessible shower uses a ledge instead of a niche to provide storage for shampoo and other shower necessities. Notice the barn-door style shower door in this oversize space.

Alternatives to a Shower Niche

There are times when a shower niche is impractical, impossible or unwise. On an exterior wall? You’ll compromise insulation value. Plumbing or heating lines in the way? It’s expensive to change those things. What can you do?

One option is to build a ledge where you can store your shower items. This can work very well on an exterior wall, leaving insulation in place. Many people enjoy the wide space and the appearance of a prominent horizontal line in their design.

The choice is yours!

When redesigning your bathroom, extra storage is an amenity that you'll quickly grow to love! If you share your bathroom, or space is at a premium, a shower niche is an excellent option that will improve your time in the bathroom, keep your shower looking neat and clutter free, and can function as an interesting design element in your bathroom design. Speak with your design-build contractor about all of the options available.

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