Modern Parquet Wood Flooring Is Cutting Edge Home Remodeling Trend

Parquet Floors are Trending

Parquet Floors are Trending

New Styles of Parquet Wood Flooring

Many of us have memories of parquet floors from our childhood. Whether it was in the old school gymnasium or your great Aunt's house over the holidays we've all seen it. In the past, parquet flooring was used in many homes and commercial buildings as a go-to material because it was an attractive, affordable, durable, and practical choice

Parquet flooring was first seen in France in the late 1600's to replace the cold marble flooring of banquet halls and manor houses and was initially a floor covering for the elite, used to show their good taste, status and wealth. In recent years, as interior design shifted to embrace more minimalist and utilitarian influences, parquet flooring fell out of favor among homeowners and designers.

Thankfully, the art of parquet flooring, which uses veneer block patterns rather than solid planks of wood, hasn't been forgotten. In fact, parquet is enjoying a resurgence in popularity with homeowners who are seeking a cost-effective flooring solution that's different and unique.

The Parquet Floor Revival

Parquet flooring is enjoying somewhat of a revival with interior designers and manufacturers have begun offering both traditional and modern contemporary designs. Along with parquetry, there's also a revival of marquetry. Just to define the two, parquetry typically uses geometric angular shapes, while designs using curvilinear shapes is usually known as marquetry, These two techniques allow for custom-made designs and inlays that are totally unique.

Two of the most significant benefits of wood parquet is that much like ceramic tile, parquet can be simply glued down to the subfloor. The second advantage is the versatility and range of textures and patterns that can be achieved to add interest to any space in your home.

Popular Traditional Parquet Patterns

There are several timeless floor patterns that have become traditional design choices over the centuries. The most popular of these are the herringbone patterns. The traditional herringbone can be laid with the notch of the “V” set lengthwise, or diagonal to the room. Variations of the traditional herringbone pattern include the “double herringbone” where there are double blocks of wood in the distinct interlocking pattern, and the chevron, where the ends of the blocks are cut off at an angle.

Other traditional patterns making a comeback include the basket weave, where each relatively small tile is made of three or four rectangular blocks set perpendicular to each other in a crosshatch fashion. The brick pattern is where small rectangular blocks are set to resemble a brick wall. And finally, the Versailles pattern where a combination of rectangular and square blocks are intricately laid out to resemble a woven fabric pattern.

While these traditional floors patterns are the most popular, designers are beginning to experiment to add a modern spin to bring them up to date. Using unusual types or styles of wood, using larger sized basketweave tiles or staining or even distressing the floor with a dark color and sealing it with a glossy urethane. If you have a limited budget, one of these contemporary, traditional parquet designs is perfect.

Artistic Parquet

This category is a bit of a catchall category that covers all of the various choices of wood inlays, borders, and medallions that can be inlaid into a wood floor. It increasingly includes wood floor tiles that feature delicate and intricate floral marquetry designs as well. The great thing about “artistic” parquet is that with a skilled craftsman, almost any design you can imagine can be turned into a unique floor.

One drawback to artistic parquet or marquetry is that while it allows for creative freedom if you are planning to sell your home in the future, it may not appeal to the majority of buyers. If you love the idea of artistic parquet, try to stay on the conservative side of design. Think simple inlaid medallion in the entryway, or a tasteful inlaid border. The key to making artistic parquet work in a contemporary design is to let the floor be the focal point of the room. Keep the rest of the design as minimalist as possible so that the floor doesn't become lost, but adds to the overall design sense.

Modern Patterns

While traditional parquetry and marquetry are still popular, if you're looking for the absolute cutting edge of design trends, seek out the up and coming parquet designers and manufacturers that are taking this art form into the future. New patterns, mixing media and adding color and texture are all cutting-edge trends that designers are bringing to update the parquet floor.

Many designers are playing with different tile shapes taking their inspiration from nature, ornamental decoration, and even jigsaw puzzles. Others are taking the concept one step farther by mixing ceramic and wood parquet tiles on the same floor.

While these custom cutting edge designs aren't inexpensive if you have the budget and a talented artisan your reward will be a fabulous, unique floor that will be a focal point in your home. If you're looking for some serious “Wow” factor when choosing flooring for your remodel, talk with your design-build-remodeler about the options for incorporating parquet floors into your next home improvement project. 

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