Remodeling Ideas For Using Mosaic Tile In Your Bathroom Design

Mosaic Tile as a Bathroom Design Element

Mosaic tile is an incredibly flexible material that can fit into a number of your home remodeling needs in the kitchen, the bathroom, and around the house. The reason it's so versatile is that it comes in a tremendous variety of colors, textures, styles, materials, and sizes to fit any home remodeling need.

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It's an easy material to work with, typically coming in squares on rubber mesh backing, making a wet saw unnecessary. All you'll need to custom cut is a sharp pair of scissors. At Degnan Design Build Remodel, we often include mosaic tile into our Madison, Wisconsin bathroom designs. It' offers homeowners beauty, durability, and flexibility at an affordable price point.

Here are some tips and ideas you can use to incorporate mosaic tile into your bathroom remodeling and design.

Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger With Mosaic Tile

The beauty of mosaic tile in the bath is the versatility it offers. One added benefit is that properly used, mosaic tile can help to give the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom. Mosaics can be used in any space, not matter how large or small and add style and personality to the room. Here are a few ideas.

• Use Vertical Patterns to Create A Wallpaper Effect

Mosaic tile is an easy to clean surface, perfect for the humidity found in the bathroom. Mosaic tile can be installed in small areas, like art, or can cover the wall to create a rich, wallpaper look. Use bold vertical patterns that draw the eye upwards to create the impression of a high ceiling.

• Large Patterns Can Create The Feeling Of Openness

This one-of-a-kind timber framed home has a one-of-a-kind mosaic created from large format tile in its shower. Meanwhile, a linear mosaic tile forms the tub surround.

This is an old interior designer's trick! Using large patterns keep the eyes moving, tricking them into thinking there is more space. Mosaic Tile offers a wide variety of patterns to choose from.

• Add A Mosaic Tile Border For A Bigger-Looking Room

Adding a mosaic border can not only give you more bang for your tile budget, it's a great way to add a designer touch to your bathroom and tie in other details in the space. It also allows you to smoothly transition from one material to another. A continuous design keeps your eye traveling from one design element to the next, while letting you cover a larger area with a less expensive tile choice.

• Try Stacking Rectangular Tiles Vertically

Consider using neutral colors like white, gray and beige. They're very adaptable and can be used to create a variety of looks. By stacking smaller rectangular mosaics vertically, it can help give the impression of more ceiling height.

Mosaic Tile For The Shower Floor

This bathroom floor has a single stripe of mosaic in BETWEEN each square/diamond floor tile, creating a distinct grid pattern that carefully ties in with the tile design of the tub and shower surround.

If you're considering using mosaic tile for the shower floor, look for certain characteristics like easy maintenance, some gripping feature like a texture, and stunning design. The most common materials choice for the shower floor is porcelain because it packs all three of these features.

Mosaic tile is the perfect type of tile for a shower floor, because it can easily adapt to the contours as the floor slopes toward the shower drain. The slope is nearly invisible when using mosaic tile. In comparison, when using large format tile on a shower floor, the tile often needs to be cut into smaller pieces, disrupting the pattern and adding extra grout lines.

Porcelain and ceramic offer homeowners a wide range of design possibilities like repeating patterns, and textures such as a basketweave effect. Repeating patterns are perfect for the bathroom since they are soothing and classic.

One material to avoid are glass mosaic tiles. While they offer a stunning design element, when used on the floor they can tend to get slippery. If you are considering glass, make sure to choose a textured surface, and make sure they are rated for use on a wet floor.

If you're looking for something a little more unique many homeowners are delighted with a pebble mosaic floor. They give the appearance of being hand placed, and the rough look is charming and rustic.

The fact is, mosaic tile is an excellent choice for the bathroom. Whether it's a stunning glass backsplash for the vanity, a rustic pebble stone mosaic in the shower stall, or a stunning detailed border encircling the entire space, mosaic tile can help you to create the perfect look for your bathroom, and can give the impression of space in a smaller bathroom.

This article was updated by Abe Degnan on 1/23/19.

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