Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Maximize Storage Space

Small Kitchen Design Remodeling Tips

 When it comes to kitchen design, many homeowner's first concern falls on aesthetics. We all want a beautiful kitchen complete with clean lines, the perfect work areas, the classic kitchen triangle, and beautiful, luxurious materials like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. However, when it comes to kitchen design, it must incorporate both form and function.

One often overlooked area is planning out your storage needs and understanding all of the options available to you by today's cabinet manufacturers. A great way to work through this process is to sit with your designer and discuss any storage problems in your current kitchen. Maybe your InstaPot is stored in the hall closet because it just doesn't fit into your cabinets, or you're always bending over to access your base cabinets. As we age, this can become more of a problem every year. 

Here are some kitchen design ideas that can maximize your storage space, especially in a smaller kitchen.

Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas

This custom kitchen was designed with a built-in paper towel dispenser and space drawer storage.

Many homeowners are often challenged by having a smaller kitchen space. While opening the wall and creating a more extensive area might be the option, sometimes cost is an issue, and sometimes you just prefer to have a smaller more manageable space to work in. 

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Using every square foot of available space in your kitchen will reduce clutter and improve organization and function. So whether you have a large luxurious kitchen or a smaller space, these innovative storage solutions will help.  Just open your eyes and look around!

Odd Spaces That Can Add Storage

Corner Storage and TV space

This kitchen remodeling had a conflicting window. Rather than eliminating it, the area became a window seat with storage below and a decorative display area with wine rack. Additionally the space above the refrigerator became the area for the TV to be hidden in plain sight.

Often the storage solutions we're seeking are literally right in front of us. Here are some often overlooked areas in the kitchen that can be made functional with a little creative vision.

• Narrow Nook – A small hall or narrow nook may seem like an awkward space to work with because it's tight. With a little outside the box thinking these spaces can become storage treasures! For example, creating cabinetry around a doorway can create a visual transition between the kitchen and adjoining room. It can function as the perfect place to store cookbooks, or special occasion serving pieces.

• Corner Spaces – Corner spaces can be particularly tricky. While corner cabinets are an option, they can be awkward spaces for storage, and even with a lazy susan can still be difficult to work with. Turning that corner into a bookcase gives extra detailing in your design and offer easy access to reference materials. Another option is turning that corner into wine or beverage storage. It's an excellent way to turn an awkward space into the perfect storage solution.

• Refrigerator Gap Space – Sometimes you buy a home with a fridge space that doesn't match the fridge, and you end up with a wide gap. Sometimes, the difference is significant enough to create a storage opportunity. It can be a great space to store mops and brooms, or you can convert it into a more permanent space like a space for wine storage. Gaps that are four-inches or less are perfect for wine storage. Another option is to install a pull out pantry cabinet in the space. The narrowest pullout pantry needs just 5 ½ inches. This can be a real lifesaver when preparing meals.

• Empty Floor Space – Whether freestanding or on wheels, a small kitchen island can be a great use of space. They can move around and serve as a prep station, a bar or a serving station when entertaining. Adding storage to these small islands adds value. Just make sure you can get around in the kitchen and that workflows aren't impacted.

• Cabinet End – Cabinet ends are the perfect place to install a cabinet for cleaning or laundry supplies. Installing one is an excellent use of empty space.

The Top Five Most Popular Storage Solutions

Today, manufacturers are creating solutions that are perfect for maximizing storage in a small kitchen. Here are some excellent kitchen storage solutions to help you optimize the functionality of your kitchen.

1. Pullout Trash and Recycling Bins – Keeping your trash and recycling bins exposed in the kitchen is not very appealing. A much more functional option is to have a cabinet next to the sink that contains your trash and recycling bins. It's a very convenient solution.
2. Drawers with Full Extension Glides – Two and three drawer base cabinets have become popular. Many of them offer great storage solutions like extra deep drawers for pots and pans to handling plastic containers and their lids, to food storage bins.
3. Cookie Sheet/Pot Lid Dividers – By having the option to store these items vertically, you can save room in the kitchen and accessing your favorite cookie sheet is very convenient. This option is available in as little as a 9-inch wide cabinet.
4. Tilt-Out Trays – This is a great under sink option. Converting the false drawer front on your sink base cabinet gives you the perfect place to store sponges, scrapers, and boxes out of sight. Don't forget about the bathroom vanity; it's an excellent place for conveniently storing toothbrushes or your hairbrush.
5. Message Centers – Today's families are busy, with sports practices, ballet, late working parents, everyone needs a place to communicate. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the perfect place for a family message center. Some cabinet lines are incorporating this feature into wall cabinets or on the side of cabinetry. They can consist of cork board or a blackboard for leaving messages.

Homeowners have many options when it comes to maximizing space even in a small kitchen... A good designer or design-build contractor will work with you and your family to understand your lifestyle, and your storage needs as they design your space. Many of these features are affordable options that are more than worth the money.

If you're planning a kitchen remodel and you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, give the kitchen design experts at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel a call! We can help you to design an aesthetically beautiful new kitchen that can also offer you the functionality you need.

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