A Kitchen Pantry Design That Maximizes The Use of a Small Space

Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Have you been dreaming about the perfect kitchen pantry? In a perfect world, you'd have the budget and space for every item you've ever wanted, from the 36” six-burner Thermador professional range to the double-sized Viking refrigerator, freezer. Don't forget the giant island, with an Italian marble top, and of course, endless pantry storage at our fingertips! 

It's great to dream, however, most of us will have to take a more realistic approach when it comes to planning our dream kitchen. Often space is limited which means that fitting a kitchen pantry into your kitchen home some compromise and a creative approach. 

Here's a wide range of ideas for fitting a kitchen pantry into your home so you can find the option that works best in your home.

WhyYou Need A Kitchen Pantry?

Pantries are a must for many home buyers, in fact, a recent poll by the National Association of Home Builders found that 85% of home buyers considered having a pantry “essential or desirable.” In existing homes, many homeowners remodeling their kitchen are including a pantry, whether its a walk-in, tall pantry cabinet, or an improvised solution like open shelving along basement stairs. 

A pantry is a functional, organizational space in the kitchen. It's perfect for holding groceries, but many homeowners also use their pantry as the ideal storage space for small appliances and seasonal dishes like turkey platters, and Christmas linens.

The key to a good pantry is creating a sense of order. It's the perfect place to store bulk items from the discount store as well as everyday items to make meal prep more efficient. Basically, your pantry has a place for everything, and everything has its place!

Taking Stock: What Will You Use Your Pantry For?

Before you commit to a pantry design or location, figure out what you need to store, or plug-in in the space. Is it a year worth of paper towels and floor cleaner? A shelf for cookbooks? Holiday turkey platter? A folding step stool for reaching upper cabinets? Seriously think about what you'll store and how you'll use the space. 

Plan your inventory and any electrical outlets first. Do you buy in bulk? Make sure you have plenty of shelves to store those extra groceries where you'll see them. Will you use your space to store additional cookware? A high shelf around the perimeter can hold baking pans, and occasional use pots and pans. Will you use the space for food prep? Plan outlets and positions for appliances like stand-alone mixers, blenders, or juicers. Think long and hard about what you need regarding storage and counter space during the design phase.

Creative Ideas For Adding A Kitchen Pantry to Your Remodel

With some creativity, even the smallest kitchen can include a pantry. Here are some ideas for adding a kitchen pantry to your space.

• Galley Kitchen – Tall Cabinet
Whether you have a wide kitchen with a little extra space or a compact kitchen, using a tall cabinet at one end of the kitchen can be the perfect solution. This configuration can create an appealing symmetry with a tall floor to ceiling cabinet at one end, and appliances or the refrigerator at the other end. One downside is that you would lose a little bit of counter space compared to using a standard upper/lower cabinet configuration. However, using a tall, full-depth cabinet provides plenty of storage space and gives the kitchen a mature, weighty air.

• A Standalone Cabinet
Rather than adding cabinetry to a wall, if you have space, consider adding a single standalone cabinet. This can create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. You can incorporate an antique piece, or a cabinet that contrasts your other kitchen cabinets to create a beautiful accent in your kitchen space.  Plus if it is a standalone piece, it can move with you should you ever sell your home.

• The Converted Closet Pantry
Sometimes planning for storage can be a matter of prioritizing. A closet space near the kitchen that was once used as a coat closet, or for holding cleaning supplies can be reconfigured into a functional pantry by adding shelves and drawers. If you're looking for a more traditional look, a little construction can convert a standard closet into a niche for a large custom built pantry cabinet. Consider giving this pantry cabinet it's own unique finish to create an accent piece for your kitchen.

• Convert an Adjacent Room
If you're looking to make a bold change, consider converting a room off of the kitchen into a butler's pantry. It might be a better use of that breakfast nook or small office. If it's large enough, you can run plumbing into the space to create an additional food preparation area. You can add shelving above the counter for visible storage of small appliances, even create a coffee bar to keep clutter off of your kitchen counters.

• Adding a Kitchen Pantry to Your Laundry Room
If you have a dedicated laundry room off of the kitchen and it's big enough, why not double up on the functionality be adding some pantry storage. It's a great use of space and can create a multi-use room that still has plenty of room to work.

• Under the Stairs
Adding a kitchen cabinet can be a creative use for those odd angular spaces under the stairs. If you have an open staircase near the kitchen, why not add some pull out pantry cabinets. This space is often unused and can be hard to access. Adding slim and tall pull-out drawers allow you to reach what you need without having to crouch and crawl around under the stairs!

• In The Mudroom or Back Entry
Putting your pantry in or near the entry doesn't always place it immediately adjacent to the kitchen (depending on your home's layout). But, it can still be a convenient space for storing certain items. It also gives you a place to load items directly from the car without having to carry them all the way through the house. If you have bulk items like paper towels, canned goods, infrequently used appliances or other non-everyday items, adding storage in the entryway can save you some heavy lifting!

Adding a pantry to your kitchen can increase the functionality of the space, help keep your kitchen organized and add a great feature that buyers are seeking when it comes time to sell your home. 

If you're considering a kitchen remodeling project, and you live in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, give the experts at Degnan Design-Build-Remodel a call at (608) 846-5963. Our designers can help you to achieve your creative vision and build your dream kitchen including a beautiful pantry, even in a small space!

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