A DeForest, WI Exterior Remodeling Project With Multiple Porches

Exterior Remodeling Transforms This DeForest Wis. Home

We recently completed a captivating exterior remodeling project in Deforest, Wisconsin on a traditional ranch style home with a walkout basement. Our clients, a Gen-X couple with high school-aged children, have a beautiful lot that they absolutely love. While they love their home, they felt that it lacked somewhat in curb appeal and they also wanted to create more usable indoor and outdoor space to accommodate their family's changing needs.

Before Picture - Front Porch Design

We worked closely with them to create a design that would meet both their need for additional usable living space while transforming the exterior of their home to create stunning curb appeal.

The Existing DeForest Home

The rear of the home had a concrete block patio along with a wood retaining wall. The clients used this space, but their goal was to extend their outdoor living season and be able to store their outdoor furniture year-round. The clients wanted to create additional living space in the rear of the home and wanted to include an enclosed 3-season room into the design.

The front of the home was set back from the garage with no front porch. Because it was set-back, the front door was somewhat covered, and there was no real usable space. The front of the home looked “wrong” as the garage extrusion became the focal point.

The Exterior Remodeling Design Process

Before Picture - Back Porch Design

We needed to address the clients needs for both improving the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the exterior of the home. We needed to address the front of the house, as well as the rear patio space, and add a three-season porch in the back.

After sitting with the homeowners, we began by providing many different iterations of the front porch, then weighing the pros and cons of each design. After some back and forth, the clients decided upon a shed roof with a new railing system and stone/wood columns. The plan was to move the front of the home forward, minimizing the look of the garage extrusion and giving the house better balance.

In the rear of the home, we designed the 3-season room to fit on the existing footprint of the patio on the ground level, connecting to the walk-out basement and created a composite deck above the space. To access the deck, we removed a window from the living room and replaced it with a full glass sliding door. New stairs were installed from the deck to a stamped concrete patio. We paid particular attention to the stairs in the design to allow as much natural light and ventilation into the 3-season-room as possible.

The Results Of The Exterior Remodel

Our clients loved the design. The front of the home was transformed from a “faux” Cape Cod style home into a relaxed country ranch with an inviting front porch. Adding the front porch balanced the home aesthetically giving it an enhanced curb appeal. The garage no longer sticks out beyond the face of the house. By creating a low-slope style shed roof that lands directly under the front dormers, we balanced the porch to make it look as if it was an original design element.

In fact, our clients recently hosted a party and their friend told us that when they drove up to the house, their child said, “this isn't the right house!” The clients commented that the “house looks like it was always meant to be this way.” The craftsmanship and design created a perfect integration of new and old.

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The appearance and functionality of the rear of the home were enhanced as well. By adding the deck and stairs to the back of the house, the homeowners can now access the backyard from the main level rather than going through the basement to get outside. They wanted a connection from inside the main level to use the yard, and we accomplished this with our design.

The new 3-season room frees up storage in the garage for the outdoor furniture. In addition, the 2-story height of the back wall is pleasantly broken up by the porch and deck creating layers and breaking down vast expanses of the wall. Also, the stamped concrete patio with its built-in fire pit and seating wall extends the seasonal use of the backyard space meeting another of our clients goals.

Aesthetically, the front porch stone and wood columns increased the homes curb appeal and created the warm, inviting look of a country farmhouse. To create more depth, our design included added texture and colors by replacing the existing garage door and front door with new wood-look doors. We continued the wood look with the stained wood columns and dark colored top and bottom rails. To create continuity of design the same stone was used on the base of the columns was carried onto the garage and continued around back on the exterior of the rear 3-season room.

Our clients love the design, and we expertly met all of their needs both functionally and aesthetically.

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